yj unlimited

  1. Another YJ unlimited build

    I did the stretch on this when the `rona first took off. This is just a copy/paste of the thread I put up on colorado4x4.org, which used to be a great resource, but has been killed by modern social media. I cut the rig in April of 2020 and drove it in June, so that went fairly quickly. Since...
  2. 1tonhammer

    Mad Hatter - YJ Unlimited

    Dragging this build thread from P4x4.... Its now going back under the knife for rear stretch w/ trailing arms, upping the 5.3 to a chop cam'd L86 6.2. I bought this jeep when I was 15 and have been steadily hacking it up Old thread starts below -
  3. Sandy Johnson

    Project: I have no idea what I'm doing (Moved from p4x4)

    About a year ago, I convinced my wife that we needed a jeep in our life again. Hunted around and found this beauty: 1988 YJ GM LQ9 700r4 Tranny Atlas II 4.3:1 D60 Front 14B rear ARBs 37s lots of holes everywhere Sketchy wiring etc. The original goal was to some somehow stretch the wheelbase...
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