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  1. Arickvan

    Ttb steering?

    Y'all ever seen a steering setup like this? I saw it at the hammers this year
  2. TTB Van????

    I have an 08 E350 van built as a stealth camper. I would like 4wd. I don’t want much lift. I am fine running 265s or 285s. I want it to ride and handle well. It won’t run the Hammer trails but it will see steep snowy and muddy roads and some trails. I need 4wd just to get home in winter...
  3. Anybody put a 70s body on an 80s frame? Or swap in ttb?

    My 79 2wd f150 rclb to 4wd swap has stalled out. I'm shooting for a small block and 33s, mild lift mall crawler, I'm not finding a ford d44, and even if i did, there's packaging problems, steering box problems. If I was going diesel, or big tires, I'd go 05+ d60, but I'm not. So that brings me...
  4. posford

    TTB F250 Leaf Spring Alignment

    Finally quit fucking around and tore the front end down on my 94 F250 to do ball joints, small lift, and alignment bushings. Doing a Zero Rate AAL pack, cut the old center pin out and it was tapered where it meets the beam. New center pins are not tapered. Assembled the new spring pack and...
  5. Toreadorranger

    TTB Tech Tips?

    I didn't find a thread based around TTB. With the truck I just picked up, Im planning to keep the D44. Normally I would pull it and throw a solid up front so I am in new territory here with the ttb. I'm open to anything to improve the front end basic or not. I'm looking at 4" drop brackets...
  6. FleshEater

    TTB Camber Bushing Puller

    I’m kicking my own ass for this, as I should have added adjustable camber bushings when I had the entire front axle torn down. I put in factory front springs that were labeled HD...did not anticipate it leveling the front of the Bronco. These camber bushings have been beat on with chisels...
  7. '84 Bronco II

    '84 Bronco II Build Thread

    I have been toying with the idea of posting up a build thread for a while, and since there hasn't been a whole lot going on, I figured I would do my part to help build up some content on Irate. This is not exactly a build thread per se, but more of a journal of the evolution of my '84 Bronco II...