1. Byro

    Anyone have an 04-06 TJ?

    Did a SYE on a customers 04 TJ yesterday. He comes to pick it up and comes back says it won’t shift out of 1st. Anyone have an 04-06 handy they can go and unplug the speed sensor on the t-case and see if the thing will still shift? Speedo works on this one but the two trans speed sensors...
  2. mechanicalmongoose20

    IN HP D44/9" combo, F-150 subercab leaf sprung f/r

    Have a set of HP44/9" pulled from a running truck for a 1 ton swap. 3.54 gears. Leaf sprung front and rear. All complete. Located in Bloomington,IN 47403 $1500obo. Will ship on your dime.
  3. TX 15x10 tj steel trailready beadlocks

    Got new wheels so I'm getting rid of the old oones. They're 15x10 with 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern. Don't remember the backspacing but they stick out pretty wide. The rings have normal rock rash from getting beat on and the barrels could use some spray paint but they ran straight enough to go 70 down...
  4. Chief Rocka

    05 TJ/LJ multi function switch C1 connector

    Anyone know connector PN for a multifunction switch C1? I thought the headlights stopped working b/c the switch was bad....pulled it apart to test the switch and it's the connector . TIA
  5. filthy_midget

    Tj bruce jenner problem

    Hopefully this place is like the old pirate and actually useful. 03 tj fighting a dumbass transmission issue. First issue was when climbing a hill in any forward gear the transmission would disengage completely to neutral. When you went back to flat ground would function fine. Dropped the pan...
  6. FLUX

    Tj Aluminum A pillar light brackets

    These are aluminum with countersunk hardware. $40 shipped to the lower 48 Thanks
  7. '05 TJ needs A/C added

    Found a clean 05 TJ I've known the original owner for 15 years. One owner jeep, but he bought it without A/C. This is going to be the youngest daughters vehicle and in Texas that is not going to work. Is having A/C put in this thing going to be a deal killer? If not any suggestions on...
  8. GGRR 4555

    CA Jeep TJ Complete AW4 swap, Motor-Trans-Tcase-Wiring Harness

    I have had my TJ running with an AW4 trans for 5 or so years now. It has worked perfect. I am pulling the drivetrain to v8 swap the jeep and thought somebody would want this swap. The wiring for their swap all follows the STU guide for AW4 swaps and has been perfect. The jeep is still all...
  9. FLUX

    TJ Rear Bumper

    This is our take on a simple yet strong TJ/LJ rear bumper. These are made out of Summerfield FL and are available for local pick up. We also offer this in a DIY Kit un-welded. Please reference part number when ordering or checking on lead times. Thanks Irate please pm me or email...
  10. blthomas

    Adding heated seats to wifes TJ

    Bought some off amazon. Didn't look at pics. :shaking: Thought I'd have to wire relays and run to battery. These are fully wired with relays and switches. But the gauge is undersized imho. Should I rewire? Its just two hots and grounds. Feels weak. What would Irates do? Gonna burn this...
  11. Lee

    TJ Behind Rear Seat Toolbox

    This isn't really hard core tech, but thought someone else could use the info. I've done tool bags, tool rolls (I still keep a couple tool rolls for wrenches and usually a tool bag of random stuff), and had a terrible experience with a Craftsman 3 drawer ball bearing slider piece of junk tool...
  12. Grendel

    2004 Super Duty 60 and Cab and Chassis 14B into a TJ

    So we cut 4" off the long side of a 2004 SD60 and we're redrilling a C&C 14B to 8 on 170MM. 64.5" and 63.5" WMS is target. Anyone know of a truss system for the front, that will take TJ coils and long arms? We won't be installing the axle, so need to make sure the truss set up's keyed for...
  13. TJ body on a yj frame

    Has anyone done this and if so what all was involved?
  14. blthomas

    TJ blower fan help

    I'm on the struggle bus with anything electrically. I like to try and learn, so I watched a bunch of videos on meter basics, and trouble shooting stuff. Wife's TJ that I'm resurrecting, was off the road 8 years. Lots of stuff to fix and I'm getting down to the small things. So no heater fan...
  15. TJ AiRock

    I just picked up a 97 TJ and it has AiRock and an Nth degree long arm. The Jeep is an older build obviously but does anyone have experience with this combination?
  16. Wheelin66bronco

    New to us 99 TJ with wiring problems.

    My wife loves jeeps, so she just bought her second one. 1999 TJ with the 2.5/5spd. I noticed right off the bat someone has bypassed and redone all kinds of wiring with the charging system. I'm looking for a schematic for it, especially the charging system. Are these things prone to wiring...
  17. Diablo169

    80 Proof - TJ Juggy, The Build Continues…

    Still new here on Irate, but thought I would bring my build over. I never finished my build thread on Pirate, but I feel I am more motivated to work on it when I have an active build ongoing. Over the past year I have made some pretty good changes. I’ll post up those to catch up. Background on...
  18. CA Tj half doors SOLD

    Pair of blue TJ half doors. Paint is good but they don't have interior panels. Located in Auburn, ca. Asking 325
  19. gtxracer2

    WA Motobilt light bar mounts for TJ (new) and Fox 2.0 CO Body SOLD

    Two items for sale located in Kirkland WA. Motobilt 52" light bar mounts for TJ, new, painted, then put in a box and rubbed a bit. $60 shipped OBO 52" LED Light Bar mount for Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ SKU: MB1030...
  20. MigGunslinger

    TJ Rubicon Rear Dana 44 constant problems need opinions

    I have been through the ringer with this rear end, it's one thing after another. I run 35s 4.88 gears and have a stock 4.0 I should not be having this many problems. I do wheel pretty heavy with lots of tools and spares and a hard top unless it's summer. Warning! epic saga of bullshit, TLDR at...
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