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  1. CA SWAG CJ to TJ tailgate

    Brand new SWAG offroad Cj to Tj/Lj tailgate conversion. This is brand new, got it planning to swap to a tailgate but won't fit on my cut tub. You will still need a CJ tailgate. Brand new it's 130, asking $100. Located in the Sacramento area
  2. Skiman26

    2000 tj alternator upgrade

    I have seen where you can install Durango alternators in certain year wranglers with the 4.0 but there seems to be some conflict on whether this works with the 2000 model year jeep. Does anyone know definitely?
  3. TJ Rubicon Front Air Locker Stuck

    Had a kick ass weekend thrashing on my stocker rubicon... but ran into a snag on the last leg of the trail. Front locker is stuck on? Dash will flash and the locker will be engaged, if I engage the locker the light will turn on solid. I am pulling the cover this weekend but I assume I'll be...
  4. TJ Rear Corner Guards

    Looking for this style of corner guard: 14-06-010-PC It seems everyone is out of stock, I read a few weeks back these were discontinued. Anyone make a similar product these days? Everything seems to have shifted to the JK JL now and TJ support is dropping. I'm hiding some ugly body work...
  5. TJ Body Repair

    I can't seem to find pics of it online... I have a small hole in the floor on my TJ I want to address before winter. It's in the pocket where the seat belt mounts to, you cannot see the hole from inside the cab (only from the underside) and it's outside of the torque box. I was thinking about...
  6. 8274 to a STOCK TJ front bumper?

    Does a mount for a 8274 exist for a stock TJ bumper other than Warn? Ideally I would mount it lower but I suspect the sway bar will be in the way. The Jeep is a bone stock Rubicon and I’d like to keep it relatively stock for my purposes as it is a DD/weekend warrior. Bolt on mount would be...
  7. Jeep TJ Fuel Cell swap

    I have a 2003 Jeep TJ Rubicon with the 4.0 and was looking to get educated on fuel cells. I want to put a fuel cell in with an aftermarket pump. The reason for moving to the fuel cell is that the factory pump was beaten up form abuse and no longer working properly and also to get some more...