1. CA Tacoma wheels

    comes with the rollers 300 craigslist price 250 yours 93003
  2. NC Tacoma 5.29 gears, install kit, Detroit Locker

    Got a few leftover parts from past projects. Everything new in Box: Nitro 5.29 gear front - T8S-529R-NG - $300 Nitro 5.29 gear rear 8.4 - T100-529-NG - $200 Nitro install kit (don't have box but it's all there new) - MKT100 - $250 Solid pinion spacer w/ shims - SKCST100 - $40 Detroit Locker®...
  3. Lil'John

    CA Need 2002 Tacoma front body parts plus door

    I need driver door, driver fender, hood, and passenger fender... somewhat in that order in an effort to have more than one straight panel on my truck:eek: Truck is a 2002 TRD extra cab. Deer took out driver fender and door most recently: White obviously would be ideal. Door is electric...
  4. Lil'John

    SOS: 3.4L Tacoma timing belt replacement "jumping" teeth

    I'm a bit confused on what the fuck is going on with what should be a routine bit of work. I am changing the timing belt plus water pump on my 3.4L Tacoma(2002). I'm using an Aisin TKT-005. The belt looked like it had F085 D13 U9037 on it. I haven't pulled it yet. I get everything lined up...
  5. Lil'John

    What type of upgraded control arms are available for first gen Tacoma?

    Short is title: For more 'speed' driving of 4wd Tacoma and onroad snow, are there any upgraded upper or lower control arms worth upgrading to? Goal is better road feel and soak up some of the bumps. No hard core rock crawling. Looking at 31" tires. Spin off from this thread on low slung SAS...
  6. Lil'John

    How short of a solid axle swap on first gen Tacoma is possible?

    Thread title is short. What is min lift that can be done with leaf spring SAS? Victim is an 02 trd 4wd tacoma extra cab. Longer: What might prevent 1" lift SAS? Oil pan? edit with more info The truck can't maintain an alignment to save it's tires. The last set I just replaced lasted under...
  7. Grronk

    The Rental Truck on tons - 1999 Tacoma

    Finally getting around to building up my old high-school truck. She's done well to me through the years beating on her, I think I'm on my 8th or 9th rack and pinion, last time it broke I said I wasn't going to dump more money in new stock shit and solid axle swap it. It then has sat for a few...
  8. rockota

    TN 1st gen tacoma shocks and springs

    Donaho Racing/icon vehicle dynamics front coilovers. Rebuilt about 75k ago; probably due for another rebuild. No springs. Rear 0-3” Icon 2.0 shocks. Need rebuild. Kit is about $30/shock. OME Dakar heavy rear leafs. Brand new bushings. Still hold height - didn’t need to be replaced. $600 +...
  9. Dumptruck.the.wookie

    CO 1997 Tacoma rolling chassis

    I am posting this for my nephew. He rolled what was supposed to be his first truck, so we are parting it out to fund the next attempt. He is only 15 so I will be handling all the correspondence. 1997 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab 4wd 5-speed 315,848 miles. Good title. Located in Bennett, CO 80102...
  10. Rowdy

    NV 97 Tacoma - Truggy One-Tons/42s

    Not ready to drive just yet, probably about 30hrs of fab/misc shit to do to get it back in the rocks. I have too many projects and not enough time to complete the 3rd iteration of this. Located in Reno, NV. 9k OBO. IG page: @effin.rowdy or Build thread (kinda) Details: 42x17 at about 40% tread...
  11. CA Fox Coilovers and Camburg Upper Arms For Tacoma

    Fox Coilovers and Camburg balljoint upper arms for second gen tacoma $2000, in Yucca Valley
  12. snivilous

    3rd Gen 4Runner/1st Gen Tacoma +3.5" Long Travel 2023-05-12

    3rd Gen 4Runner/1st Gen Tacoma +3.5" Long Travel with plate construction (may require modification)
  13. Slander

    2002 TuRD

    I figure if we have an overlanding tundra with pro grill knock off as a build on here, my flux cored pile of rust is IBB worthy. I have a v6 5spd 2002 tacoma that I have and been building since 2005, I'll skip all the bolt on IFS on 33s stage of the build and post up the cool shit. The truck as...
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