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CO 1997 Tacoma rolling chassis


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Aug 6, 2020
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I am posting this for my nephew. He rolled what was supposed to be his first truck, so we are parting it out to fund the next attempt. He is only 15 so I will be handling all the correspondence.

1997 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab 4wd 5-speed 315,848 miles. Good title. Located in Bennett, CO 80102

It went off a dirt road at around 20-25 mph, rolled over once and back onto its wheels. Drove it back to the house. The frame looks good despite the roll, I cant find a problem that would affect anything, some brackets on the front are bent, but Im sure Im missing something. There is one area of good rust under the bed but otherwise the rest of the frame looks good for the miles.

-Rolling chassis-Includes trans, j-shift transfer case, fuel tank and hitch. Tires only good as rollers. Asking 1200$
-I can include a 4.30 e locker rear 3rd and matching front diff for 1800$ total, not available separate. Id like to keep these but if it makes a sale happen oh well.

-steering column - 60$
-throttle body - 75$
-wiper arms - 10$
-wiper motor - 10$
-MAF - 60$
-gauge cluster -65$
-shifter boots - 10$
-passenger tail light - 20$
-catalytic converter - 200$
-HVAC controls - 10$
-4wd solenoids - 10$
-cruise control servo - 20$
-cruise control module - 20$
-air bag module - 10$
-ignitor - 10$
-ECU - 40$
-passenger door - sold$
-interior plastics - 5$ each
-tailgate - 120$
-door panels - 50$
-pedals - 30$ each

I also have a one piece front axle shaft conversion including- axle shaft, tube, two correct cv axles and a spare cv shaft(need boots all around)and hubs on spindles. These were stored outside, so there is some rust that would need to be wire wheeled. Id take 400$ for all of it
-extra j-shift unknown miles - 50$
-extra v6 5-speed unknown miles - 100$

The chassis could possibly be used if yours is rusty and you want your truck back on the road. I was hoping he would turn it into a crawler, but he found a squarebody he wants. I cant argue that.

I have more pics of everything listed. I can send what you need, i hit the limit for uploads.



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