1. chaplinfj60

    brake caliber banjo bolt clearance solid knuckles

    good am all so i am having a bitch of a time getting clearance here. i have ground some out but dont like grinding more off the knuckles. what are some other type of banjo or SAE ORB fitting that will work here? i like the big heavy brakes for sure. over kill yes. but damit it works...
  2. 123danb

    2nd gen 4runner SAS jig placement?

    Got a Skys SAS kit I'm going to be putting on my 4runner, just have a question about jig placement for cutting the hole for the frame tubes. From what I have gathered online there is a little "window" in the frame under the body mount where as my 2nd gen 4runner has a little plate over it that...
  3. 123danb

    Solid axle Knuckle ball chewed up inside, okay to use?

    I bought a complete solid axle a bit ago and got into tearing it down yesterday. Noticed inside one of the balls that it appears to have been chewed up a pretty good amount, atleast with comparing to pics/videos I can find. Just wondering if it's still smart to run this or should I find a new...
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