1. WWWChrisM

    Ultra4 Racing @ Prairie City SVRA!

    Like the title says, Ultra4 Racing is going to be at Prairie City SVRA on June 28th and 29th. Jason and I are going to be there. Who else is going? Going to be so much fun! Chris
  2. Sluggy

    Hypothetical bench building

    I can't find a thread on hypothetical building but I thought there was one out there. My buddies 1999 psd 4x4 super duty that was stolen awhile back and never did any of the paperwork. I bought the truck cheap for the parts (it still runs and drives). I've been looking for a 75 and earlier...
  3. Cage diameter vs buggy weight in racing

    Me and my dad are diving into some form of ultra 4 style racing next year. We have bought a 1.75" ibex chassis 4800 buggy that only needed minimal things to pass tech per the last update to the ultra 4 rule book. The main issue at hand is buggy weight. We came in around 4370 lbs so shes tight on...
  4. Im4yotas

    CA PRP Alpha composite racing seat

    Brand new PRP Alpha composite racing seat (one seat). Only taken out of the plastic twice for test fitting and measuring. With optional seat heater. This is the standard width version. From - THE FIRST OF ITS KIND! PRP SEATS’ ALPHA COMPOSITE SEAT SPECIFICALLY BUILT FOR...
  5. Broken4 Racing Compound

    Hey Guys, We recently made a huge purchase for us, an acreage. Super excited to be out of the city and back into the country. It is a foreclosure house that is going to need ALOT of renos. Frozen pipes, smashed windows, the whole 9 yards. I am building a shop, and want your input on do's...
  6. 2023 Holley EFI NorCal Brawl May 12 & 13th

    hey all, it's time for round 2 at Prairie City CA this weekend.
  7. BattleBornWheels

    Battle Born Wheels - Racing and Crawling Performance Beadlocks

    Hi All, I just wanted to introduce myself and my company. I'm Chris McClung and I own Battle Born Wheels located in Carson City, NV. We specialize in beadlock wheels and we offer something for every budget. We have an affordable steel option all the way up to a high end forged line. We are...
  8. EVolveRacing

    EVolve Racing the Tes-Ten tesla powered S10

    We will start this thread for anyone that wants to build an Ev. Will help as much as we can with our experience in Ev. As this is my first Ev build. This has been my crawler from back in 2002 been through many changes over the years now its a Ultra4 race truck for the Ev class. Im not an...
  9. gtxracer2

    WA NEW Improved Racing MHX-245 High-Efficiency Oil Cooler, Mocal Thermostat, and Fiberglass Sleeve

    BRAND NEW, never even taken out of the boxes. $773.80 spent, asking $650 for everything shipped. I'm past the return window and went with a water to oil cooler instead. My loss is your gain. Will separate but the cooler needs to sell first. Located in Kirkland WA. This setup is the premium oil...
  10. CJKnoll96

    KOH 2022 "from the right seat"

    I wrote this up last year and wasn't sure what to do with it figured some of you might enjoy the read as we head into KOH 2023. King Of the hammers from the Right Seat King of the Hammers is one of those events that’s like a speeding bullet train, you can see it from miles out, you know...
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