1. holdmypocket

    At what point did you decide to make a "big" tool purchase? (For example: mill, lathe, etc.)

    Hanging out on these forums can be very influential: you learn new things, develop new skills, become aware of better ways and better tools. Reading up/watching the Midnight Panic build by Skipped_Link has me thinking I need a CNC router, mill, lathe, plasma table, etc. The thing is, I'm not...
  2. WiscoF100

    Help spend my money on a lathe

    I’d like to draw on your unbiased knowledge while I impatiently wait for the seller to respond. South Bend bench top. 9” x 55” (total) bed length. Can’t find an exact match in my searches. I’m guessing workshop (A,B,C) Listed at $995. I’m comfortable at $800 just to get a piece of history...
  3. Landslide

    Machine i.e. mill, drill press, lathe etc lighting. What do you use?

    Besides paying stupid money for an old light fixture for shop machines, what is recommended to use with the following features. Flexible arm, lamp shade with 90* window or opening, 110v and not some cheap crap plastic Walmart light. What do you use or recommend?
  4. Blacksheep10

    Lathe specs help

    Went to get lathe from a deceased member's widow, didn't take enough trailer or loader. This is a big old unit and a nice piece. Trying to help her list it on FBMP and don't know what size to call the tooling and QCTP. Little searching seems like it might be a 300 series? Wish I knew...
  5. AK 80s Jet lathe

    Picked up an 80s Jet 13x40 lathe at auction. Lathes are fairly hard to find here, the couple I've seen either have been expensive, too small or came on the Mayflower old (and a huge project) I need to get a chuck and toolholder for it and have little idea where to start. From what I...
  6. CA Southbend Lathe $1000.00 SOLD

    I have a Southbend heavy 10 lathe up for sale.It works as it should.Its single phase 120v.It has a quick change tool post and holders.It also has a steady rest and brand new 4 jaw chuck.This is a nice size lathe for a smaller shop. You pickup I can load. Located in Onyx, Ca # 6615783723
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