1. TrailTamer

    Hydroboost Hardline Conspiracy

    Hi y’all. I’m going over my aging tow pig, and the leaking hydroboost is one of them. I’m able to source everything I need except…. These short PS hard lines at the hydroboost and the brake valve. My truck is 1997 Ram 2500. In my searching people can’t find them for their 3rd gen too...
  2. Porting and high flowing my Hydroboost

    I am about to port my Hydroboost and am wondering if anyone has a go/no go dimension for the spool valve? The current/stock OD is .585" with a wall thickness of roughly. 100". I found a thread on another forum where someone turned theirs down .050" to an OD of .485", leaving a wall thickness of...
  3. Snowracer

    Manual brakes vs Hydroboost

    its tuesday so figured now was the time to ask this. i have always ran vac brakes on my builds as was stock to the truck i built off ect. new buggy build i bought Wilwood manual brake pedal and dual master set up but not super happy with how i have it mounted. after talking to a few friends...
  4. kbenz


    Changed the seals in my hydroboost bout 2 weeks ago. Started leaking bad again today. Did I screw up the install or should I be looking for something else?
  5. lorenzo816

    Hydroboost and hydro assist?

    I’m about to throw in the towel and go full hydro. Need some help diagnosing current issues. I’ve bled the system following WTO instructions (and others) with the truck not running and on jackstands. Ultimately with motor running, I can turn left but not right without jogging the wheel. I...
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