1. Weird hydraulic cylinder parts identification

    Trying to help a customer of mine (I do machine work), and he is trying to find some parts for an old cylinder from I believe a 1970's truck with a dump/lift bed. The truck has a couple of cylinders with these spring steel cupped/slotted washers. Basically there are supposed to be 2 at the end...
  2. Repairing scratch in hydraulic piston rod?

    I have some light scratches on my JD backhoe for my small tractor. I used to repair hydraulic gate operators for an old job (FAAC) so I understand the ins and outs. I assume I just need carefully file or emery cloth any snags. Once upon a time I was told that there’s a “jb weld type” product...
  3. TX PSC 1.5”x6” Hydraulic Assist Ram SOLD

    PSC Steering Ram - 1.5" Bore X 6" Stroke This was installed about a year ago on a new build and only driven about 100 road miles and 15 trail miles. Works perfectly. Reason for selling is that I need an 8” ram. Black paint overspray in second picture has been removed. $125 (Dallas, TX) $145...
  4. YotaAtieToo

    Adding bypass valve to hydraulic tilt trailer?

    I want to add a gravity tilt valve to my trailer at work. At first I thought just tee into the 2 lines and put a valve in, but then I remembered the rod will displace fluid and just letting it flow from one side to the other won't work. Is there an easy way to do this with the common 12v...
  5. Grronk

    CA TMR Double Shear Tie Rod Clamp - Hydraulic Assist - 1.5"

    https://www.tmrcustoms.com/products/double-shear-tie-rod-clamp-hydraulic-assist Ended up not using it, new in package. $125 Shipped within the continental us
  6. CA 5” hydraulic cylinder

    Looking for a cylinder for a log splitter project. Ideally 5x24.. if it’s a tie rod cylinder, it’s simple to shorten. I could get by with a 4.5”.. but prefer 5” bore. Can pay $$ or.. I have 2 never used 4x48 welded cylinders I’d love to trade.
  7. Hydraulic issues on boom lift

    I have a altec bucket lift on my Ford while I'm driving down the street the PTO is pushed down but on the way home sometimes the hydraulics will engage and I will have to shut the truck off to stop it after a while it stops happening until the next day or so what could it be?
  8. Muckin_Slusher

    Hydraulic Gear Pullers?

    Just discovered these on amazon. Why have I never seen one? They look awesome. These ones have two jaw option (4 lugs on the spider) the Harbor Freight ones only have 3 lugs, not that it matters because no Harbor Freight here.
  9. bgaidan

    Hook spanners for hydraulic cylinders

    The tilt cylinders on my clapped out forklift have been puking for the past year or so and I really need to tear them down and reseal them. What's your wrench of choice to pull off these types of nuts? I have some hook spanners for adjusting coil overs, but they feel a little too tight to...
  10. Smithy

    Hydraulic trailer jacks

    I want to replace the peg leg jack on my trailer with a landing gear setup. Are hydraulic jacks worth the extra money? Or stick with the traditional hand crank style with a cordless drill adapter? There is already a battery for the winch on board.
  11. WaterH

    Vulcan 8 x 8

    So I’m putting this here in the hope that it might become a build thread. Any up dates will go here. So far, this has just been a lawn ornament. I actually love it as a lawn ornament, my wife, not so much. To be honest, I really would like to drive it some day. Back story, A good friend of mine...
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