1. Jeep Gladiator Build

    So I had a separate thread on purchasing one and which direction to go, now it’s time for the build. Purchased a 2020 Gas, rubicon with 44,000 miles on it. Clearly has never been offroad. My plans are ud60 front, rear tbd, 5-6” lift, suspension, some body armor and 40”-42” tires. I’m...
  2. Opinions on diesel gladiator build

    My current rig is a very well dialed 2007 jk. 1 tons, atlas, 40’s, etc. Unfortunately, it’s a manual and I’m over it and an auto swap isn’t happening. Broke my neck years ago and I’m now dealing with the consequences. The jk will cruise down the highway perfect (other than a significant power...
  3. Richard Hulse

    CO 2020 Jeep Gladiator - Tons/40spline/40’s/Kings

    2020 Jeep Gladiator JT Rubicon 42000 miles Sting Grey Paint Fully Loaded - Leather - Front/Rear Cameras - LED Lights - etc 3.6L V6 8 Speed Auto 4:1 Rock-Trac Tcase Clean Title No accidents, no damage Entire build-up of jeep was done at 30K miles and majority of the work was done...
  4. NY Jeep Gladiator Mopar rubber floor mats

    Front and rear fitted, fronts snap in. Red jeep logo on fronts. Fronts same as JL. Driver side has 38,000 miles of wear... just scratches really. Rather not ship, Delanson, NY. $50.
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