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  1. Covecrawler

    VA Rear axles. Ford 9”, dana 60, dana 61, Sterling 10.25. $100 each . 14b C&C $250 14b SRW $200 Winchester, VA

    I have around 20 axles total to sell. I bought them out of a field. Some have some water and rust. Most seem to be ok. Will need standard seals, bearings, brakes. 2) 4.10 C&C 14 bolt Chevrolet axles $250 each 1) 4.10 SRW 14 bolt. square body. $200 2-3) 3.54 Sterling 10.25 $100 each 1) dana 60...

    TX Full Float Ford 9"

    Brand new third: 4.56 Detroit true trac 31 spline Housing, spindles, and hubs unknown brand ~61.75" WMS Axles Brand new in box dutchman 31spline inner, 35 spline outer I bought a project for other parts, kept this around, decided I didn't need it. Needs brake lines and drive flanges (or...
  3. Fueler

    MO Ford 9" yukon zip locker NIB

    Bought this to go in a TruHi9 third. Been on my shelf for probably 5yrs. Just now cut the outside box open to see the part number:laughing: 35 spline. Located in Central Missouri. $850 shipped.
  4. IowaOffRoad

    Talk me into/out of building a Ford 9" steering axle

    Been busy at work so no real building, but bench-building in my head. Before you tell me 'sirch newb' I have searched IBB and nothing has come up. I'm sure PBB has something, but it's such a dumpster fire for finding shit (or reading it) and perhaps there's new arguments pro/con for this. So...
  5. Sean

    Is the Non-Comp ARB for Ford 9" Really That Weak?

    Is the non-comp version of the ARB for the Ford 9" really so failure prone that spending roughly 3X more on the comp version the best solution? I'm not a racer and don't compete and these 3rds would be going in JHF portal equipped axles so the 3rds should see a lot less stress. I'm a firm...
  6. Im4yotas

    CA 05 Superduty Dana 60, fabricated 9 inch housing and parts

    Front axle is a 2005 F250 Super Duty Dana 60 with open diff, 3.73 gears. I was going to build a 4 link for this, so I have removed all of the factory brackets. There is still some grinding left to finish cleaning it up. It is disassembled to inspect and make handling easier, but complete...