1. Tow Rig / DD / Plow Rig Tires

    We had one of these threads in the old place, might as well have one in the new place, and I didn't see one after my exhausting 2 minute search. If I missed it...:flipoff2: Tech/reviews for Tow Rigs, Daily Driver and Plow truck tires. I'll kick it off. 2011 F-350 6.7, running 275/65R20s gets...
  2. Unka-Boo

    Long arms on a DD

    So here's my noob question of the day.... My daily driver is an '04 2500 quad cab short bed... been toying with the idea of going long arms with a short lift for better ride quality. Am I dumb? Have any of you done it? Curious if it would be worth the 3k or so to fuck with. Alternatively, is...
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