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dana 44

  1. GGRR 4555

    CA Front JK Rubicon Dana 44

    Dana 44 front axle for sale. Has 5.13 gears, rubicon locker, HD steering components, RCV Axles (need boots replaced), Ruffstuff diff cover, and welded C Gussets. $1900. I can sell it with complete metal cloak arms as well for an additional $200 (bushings are in great shape).
  2. MochaMike

    CA 6 lug D44 Outer stuff/E. Bronco inner shaft

    Building an axle & parts got stolen from side yard of shop. I’m hoping someone is doing a conversion to 5 or 8 lug. Need: 2 Spindles (Waggy/Chevy…. Iirc small bearing/cheap ones/not for 5 lug conversion) 2 hubs (6 lug, Jeep/Chevy) 2 caliper brackets Won’t say no to good rotors as well or...