dana 44

  1. OR Dana 44 Gears- 5.13 and 3.54

    Parts are located in southern Oregon. Going to SE Washington on 4-24 to 4-28. Can bring with me. Low-Pinion Dana 44 3.54 gears and differential carrier. $70 Aftermarket 5.13 gears for a low-pinion Dana 44 front. $125 Willing to look at shipping in May.
  2. Sean778

    XJ Dana 44 Thick gear re-hash nonsense

    I need help with the brain parts of this decision. I have an ‘89 Pioneer XJ with 4.0l, AW4, NP242, hp non-disco 30 front, factory d44 rear, 3.55s in the pumpkins, on some old but no-mile 33x12.5r15 Mickey Thompsons. The plan has always been to keep it on 33s, keep the decent leaf sprung rear...
  3. FLUX

    LJ in Flux

    Was a member of the old "other" site. I have a thread on another forum that I am adding here. Sold my YJ, tons , stretch, sbc etc yada yada lol and found this! A 2004 khaki LJ. I always loved these when they first came out so this was a win. Recent rebuilt auto tranny, 4" RC lift, hard...
  4. 61scout80

    5x4.5 dana 44 from a '70 800a 2wd?

    Over a year ago now I picked up what was supposed to be a D44 from a 1970 2wd 800a. I finally get it under one of my scout 80's, go to put the wheels on and my 5x5.5's do not fit. It never occurred to me to check the bolt pattern. It looks to be 5x4.5. I can't recall ever hearing of 5x4.5 on...
  5. 1979 f250 dana 44

    I’ve searched a shit ton and the answers are all over the place. The width wms-wms stock is right around 69”. When yawing f150 outers including the knuckles, what is the new wms-wms? Some say 65”, some say 67”. I’m looking for the guy that has done this in real life. Not keyboard warriors. It’s...
  6. GGRR 4555

    CA Front JK Rubicon Dana 44

    Dana 44 front axle for sale. Has 5.13 gears, rubicon locker, HD steering components, RCV Axles (need boots replaced), Ruffstuff diff cover, and welded C Gussets. $1900. I can sell it with complete metal cloak arms as well for an additional $200 (bushings are in great shape).
  7. MochaMike

    CA 6 lug D44 Outer stuff/E. Bronco inner shaft

    Building an axle & parts got stolen from side yard of shop. I’m hoping someone is doing a conversion to 5 or 8 lug. Need: 2 Spindles (Waggy/Chevy…. Iirc small bearing/cheap ones/not for 5 lug conversion) 2 hubs (6 lug, Jeep/Chevy) 2 caliper brackets Won’t say no to good rotors as well or...
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