1. 1Sinner

    School me: spring rates/lengths for coilovers

    So I'm at the point I'm finally ready to throw my coilovers on complete with springs and set ride height. And I got some issues.... I originally went with Carbon offroad coilovers due to being and American owned, veteran run business, bit I haven't been that impressed since I bought them. I...
  2. Tinstar

    Fox coilovers on an '06 LJ?

    Considering switching from ORI's to Fox coilvers. Main reason is the ORI's need adjusting with temperature changes. 2.5's or? Jeep weights about 3850 and running 37's. 9"R/D44F. What's a good starting point for springs? Walked by the Jeep this afternoon and saw this. Maybe a bit hard to...
  3. rattle_snake

    GMG smoker, lift, tires, coilovers

    Like many of you knuckleheads I feel the need to modify/put bigger tires on everything. I modified this pellet smoker chassis by adding a lower shelf, and upgrading the tires/castors. Yes I need lug tread tires on my patio. Later added some fake coilovers from a chi-com quad. Piggy backs Bro...
  4. twalker9480

    AZ 14” Fox Factory 2.5” Coilovers w/ Springs & Towers

    All of this was accumulated for a project that ended up going another way so everything is literally brand new, never even assembled. Individual Prices: 2 Fox Factory 2.5”x14” w/Springs - $1,950 2 Fox Factory 2.5”x14” DSC w/Springs - $2,350 2 Artec Coilover Towers - $225 2 Artec Coilover...
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