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  1. Bilstein 7100 Valving

    It looks like tons of folks are running the 7100 series shocks on thier leaf sprung solid axle rigs. Has anyone done any tuning on them? I am looking for info on valving, I am thinking about doing a flutter stack for running faster on the mellow stuff. Not even really sure where to start as far...
  2. DMANbluesfreak

    IL Skyjacker M95 Shocks (2x) 14" and (2x) 12" - $200 (will ship)

    Used for under 5000 miles on Ultimate Adventure 2020. The Skyjacker M95 shocks have monotube construction and internal bump stops for custom offroad and lifted truck applications. They work with traditional 1/2" bolts on each end. Two of them are 33.9" extended and 20.2" collapsed eye-to-eye...
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