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You have been permanently banned by Admin


E. Spengler
May 19, 2020
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Spenard Ak
Huh. Really.

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Damn i'm never one of the cool kids. All i was was an invalid password warning :mad3:
I just got a white screen for a few hours
ya ive been getting some weird shit too

:bangs on ceiling:

austin quit fawkin with the dish!
Yep, no idea WTF is going on. Haven't been banned (yet), but I keep getting that weird screen with no formatting and links all jacked up. Sometimes it works right though. Did the canadians attack?
Cheet's all fawker'd mang - was down for a half-hour or so, now the weird unformatted white site with a gigantic fakebook "f" logo in everyone's post :confused:

EDIT: found it :bounce2: - IR band 2 :confused: :shaking:

:laughing: :flipoff2:
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fffffffffffffffffffffuck you too :fangers:
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