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land of corruption and control of the people
May 19, 2020
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Living in hell
pay for a subscription, and look , it is instantaneous.
no waiting, no trying to contact an abstent mod, or administrator that does not care.....
life is good. :grinpimp::grinpimp::grinpimp:
I just payed. I would rather support this place then the syrup fuckers. Crap got my red skull in like 30 seconds!
Just ordered one up. Always wanted to get a star, heard too many horror stories of shit not working and what not so I never pulled the trigger. Trying to do my part to make Irate great again. :laughing:

:edit: wow instantly got it.
I’ll buy one on payday. I will do my part. I hope this place takes off.
Working with admin on a yellow skull, to support my new home. Sent a message to him about it and had an answer in minutes. :beer: Not like the other place, where my star expired back in March? but they have their money and haven't fixed it yet. Happens every year... In the past a quick message to Lance on FB had it fixed. Not this year...
I never had one in the decade or so I was at Pirate. Didn't see the point in ponying up. Here, I wanted to do like you guys--see if I could help it succeed.
Eh, why not. Place has been great.
Haven't paid the Syrup Overlords since they took over. Ill throw down on this place for the shenanigans
Never paid for a forum membership ever before, but hope that this place keeps growing.
I paid at the other place until vs took over. Once I saw this place, I was on for one day when I decided I needed to support. 10000% worth the $20. Considering a blue skull next.
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