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York OBA connecting rod failure


Jun 8, 2020
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Stinkypoopyville CO
Ever see a york OBA connecting rod failure?

Now you have :flipoff2:

Meh, I pulled it from the JY, ran for 5 years till it started complaining this year.

Time for a forged one:flipoff2:Whats your plans? Those things are pretty much unicorns now. I see you can get a Chinesium one on EGay.
Last time I got a York was 20 years ago. The guy who had a pile of them picked them up from a Freightliner service center. Half of them were perfectly fine just warrantied out because the mechanics replaced everything. Might be worth looking at big truck wrecking yards for those who need them.
Smooth that thing out with some emery cloth, polish up the journal a little, fill with oil and run it. Might be noisy, but I bet it will keep going. I hacked together an air compressor for my shop that way a couple years ago so I could keep working while waiting for a new compressor to arrive.

The new compressor is still in a box on the floor next to the compressor.
I'll probably bone up the $200 for a reman.:rolleyes:

This one is in the fiddy to supply air for the suspension. I've got a Viair compressor also, but those fuckers are loud and slow

If your town has an old wrecking yard, I've picked them up quite easily. They were common in the 70s, and on aftermarked AC conversions. Last one I got wasn't even a York. Looked just like a York, but was slightly larger. Meh. I used it anyway.
I snatch em up when ever they pop up.

wiped out the one on my tow rig a few years ago and had a replacement sitting on the shelf when I got home.

Everyone I get I get the "What would ya want that ole thing for?"

"Don't worry about it."

I don't need to be installing on board air on everybodys everything that knows what they're for:laughing:
The wrecking yards of the Nor Cal seem to be pretty picked over for yorks, I'd assume we crushed all the cars that once had them
Thats actually surprisingly not terrible, I was expecting new warn 8274 crazy pricing in the $1500+ range. Going rate is 100-250 for used "assumed good" compressors. $500 would be justified since they last so long.

Also these ones from ORO have an oil ring on the piston which the stock ones do not have which should let you run the compressor at higher RPMs without dumping all of the oil into your air lines.

I pieced together the York system on my TJ using the ORO bracket and a rockauto compressor, kinda wish I had just gone with the whole kit with their compressor. I will say that the pulley alignment on their bracket for the york and alternator was not even close so I am constantly chasing down a squeaky belt issue.
Would rather spend 5 times as much and have me a transmission mounted pto truck compressor OBA.

Anyone ever thunk of this optikn ?
Would rather spend 5 times as much and have me a transmission mounted pto truck compressor OBA.

Anyone ever thunk of this optikn ?

My Google must suck, because I find PTO info of any kind really hard to find. Industrial stuff only, no end users.
The PTO thats used is a standard 6 bolt type with the corresponding cut gear and a adaptation that makes a 7/8 13 splined compressor head a direct mount all thats required is the correct attachment IE like a clocking plate on a transmission to transfer case.

Muncie and chelsea are the biggest sellers of PTO and other drive products have both their catalogs even if they are 10 or so years old.
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