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Xmas tress: real or fake

Xmas tress: real or fake

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May 19, 2020
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Grass Valley, Ca
I was raised on real Xmas trees and will continue that tradition with my family now that I'm married with step kids. My 70 year old parents still go to the same tree farm that I went to as a kid and my dad still cuts it himself.

I will be doing the same with my step sons. I can live with the mess of dead needles for a few weeks. A fake tree is un American:flipoff2:

What says ibb?
My buddy runs a live u-cut tree farm in the tri valley. (San Ramon). One of the few businesses unaffected by mask bs.

I grew up smelling spruce and sap. :smokin:
Just like titties, i like fake ones:flipoff2:
It's gotta be real or no deal. I grew up with it being a tradition to go out to the woods and picking a nice one and carried it on until my kids left the nest. Nowadays GF and I just go and buy a real tree mainly to save time I guess. To me it just isn't the season without the smell only a real tree can bring.

Funny story time:

One year when my kids were 12 or 13 we picked a real dud of a tree, that thing shit needles like no tree ever, like a tree worth twice a day but it never browned or anything. I tried every trick to slow it down to no avail, so on Christmas afternoon I had enough. I told the kids time to take it down. Pull an ornament and it shits needles, lights, needles garland, needles and so on. It was maybe 10 feet from the front door so I fling the door open and fire the fucking thing out onto the front lawn with a hearty "Fuck you, you fucking fuck" My boy follows me out and spits on it.:laughing:

At that point I look up and see a big gathering outside smoking at my across the street neighbor looking on like:eek:

Little while later the old man comes over with a bottle, likely a welfare check to be sure it wasn't a murder suicide case. I showed him all the needles that we were still cleaning up and he starts busting a gut, he said they all thought I was the biggest grinch in all time. I told him to run with it at their dinner before telling them what really was going on.:lmao:

fake tabletop tree if i can.

nothing at all if i really had a choice :flipoff2:

grew up with real trees, meh on the whole thing. if you want fresh smell and to bring the outdoors in, make up a bunch of real wreaths. all the positives, way less of the hassle.
I bought a prelit 3' tall pink tree from wallyworld about 6 years ago. It was half price the day after Christmas so that's what I put up. I grew up on real trees but I don't much care either way.
I grew up with real trees and still love them, but fuck needles everywhere. Fake tree for me.
It’s not Christmas without a real tree. When we had male dogs we used to joke that it might turn into indoor plumbing for them.
Real tree here. We go to a local place where they remember us every year. Get an 8 foot Canaan fir that we cut ourselves, and a real wreath for the front door.
We usually run a real tree, but in the past have rocked a fake one.
Tried real in the past but I suffer from horrific hayfever and even with antihistamines it still feels like someone has stuck red-hot pokers up my nose. So fake is the only option for us.
real because the only part I care about is the family trip out to the woods to cut it down. I actually don't even want to put one up but the wife does, so i go along with it. I was all into the whole xmas thing when the kids were small and I did a lot to make it special and magical for them. Now that they are grown (and we don't have any grandchildren), xmas is just another couple days off from work that I would rather spend doing actual stuff I enjoy doing, rather than a bunch of xmas 'stuff' (like putting up and taking down a tree)
I grew up on real trees but bought an expensive fake one last year. If my boys want to get a real one when they get old enough to care we can do that.
I grew up on real trees. Now I’m all about the pre-lit fake tree that we put up in less than an hour and toss in the attic when the season is over. No mess other than the fake frosting shit that flakes off.
Grew up on real trees, parents still have one.

My wife is allergic to damn near everything green. Fake one for me
I prefer NO tree at all. But my chick is still running Christmas scam on the kid so we go with real. Got a nice blue spruce the kid cut down with a hand saw on Friday.
Did the brown shirts activity until the kids outgrew it...

My mum tried to start a tradition of buying a live tree w/balled roots to be planted outdoors in spring which browned & died quick after planting. After second try she gave up-
Got a nice prelit from lowes a few years ago on sale after xmas. It's up in 5 min without any troubles and doesn't need watered. We did real, dug trees for years and planted them afterwards, but you can only have so many pine trees in a yard. Never liked cut ones, always seemed like a waste to me.
Only real trees here.

It can't go up before Thanksgiving and has to come down, along with ALL the rest of the decor, within 2 days of Christmas.
Real tree or nothing for me. I take my kid to the same tree farm I went to with my dad. That said, if it weren't for having a kid there would be no tree here at all.
I like fake. We have a fiberoptic one we bought 20 years ago. No light strings. Just a little light in the base with a color wheel. Nothing has broke this whole time. Every time we put it up we are very pleased.

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Real, the wife and daughter love to run around the tree place to pick one out. My daughter is shouting "CHRISTMAS TREES" every time we drive past a tree lot. Going to try to pick one up today if I get all the projects I'm working on done.
Started out with real, years ago. These days we use a fakey......

Our friend really figured out the Christmas tree thing. They had a new house built some years ago. In their living room they have a closet with 9' tall french doors, that is dedicated to their Christmas tree. At Christmas time, they roll it out of the closet, already fully decorated and plug it in. When done, they roll it back in, ready for next year....
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