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CA wtb: rtr 10spl 465

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May 19, 2020
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trinity center ca
So ive been having my nieghbor kid help me get parts and do truck work. In turn ive been teaching him about his truck and providing parts from my stache.

He wants to 465 swap his 3/4t. I have a 205/bellhousing/ small parts. The biggest thing i dont have is a ready to run sm465 10spl and a sbc flywheel

Norcal from sac to grantspass oregon. Will come pickup.

Good ready to run sm 465 10spl output
Useable 168t internal balanced gm flywheel. 305/350/396/402/427 work
A fair condition clutch and presure plate
A z-bar and frame bracket

I have a mechanic linkage pedal set but another would be nice as mine is slated for totalgirlfriends cj build.

I have some 205 parts/cases, sbc parts, axle stuff as well axle i can twinsticktrebuild 205s, axles, and minor fabraction abilities as trade.

Trying to keep it as cheap as possible for him. Hes a good kid and works hard.

Looks like its a 454, but he can have it as trading fodder.
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350 aluminum valve covers with breathers, doh
350 harmonic ballancer new needs bead blast.
454 flywheel for trading fodder

Anything else 350 or 4 speed i can locate.
I have a take out 350 flywheel it's been sitting in a truck cab over 20yrs in dos palos ca. I also have other misc. Square body parts.
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