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Worst AK ever?


All I'm going to reply with.
Built by R&S firearms out of Lake Havasu City according to my sources.

But yes that is negligence bordering on criminal.

WOW. It is rare to see Ian at a loss for words. Three brass blobs holding the entire front end on. Kyber pass stuff is better made than that.

Bordering? They are lucky someone didn't get gas damage firing that thing. What the heck were they thinking!

Minor question- what was the texturize area on the trunnion end of the underside of the receiver? Did they obscure the original maker of the receiver so they could stamp their info on the side?
I bet it was a Nodak receiver with the markings right in that area. The folding stock latch pin needs a hole right about where the serial number lies on those, other than the receivers made for that sort of stock. Which of course raises questions about if they even moved the markings correctly.

Exactly what I was thinking.
Someone butchered a $2000 Krinkov kit to make that abortion. :barf:
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