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Women's Pole Vaulting

No Allison Stokke?

Never met a woman that could make it past my pole without a positive review. Honestly, 12' is well beyond what's needed, but there are some Russian/Ukrainian bitches that could toss me farther than I could see with a pussy flick.
Luckily all of these will be replaced by transgenders very soon and you willl be transphobes if you don't enthusiastically applaud it.
These videos started popping up in my youtubes a couple weeks ago for some reason. I'm not complaining.
You're reaching with that one. If I'd left out the "female" you would have said I found male pole vaulters good looking. :flipoff2:

Eh I think you're kinda hosed either way on that one. Point out female and you're trying too hard to cover up your lust for squirty sausage, don't point it out and you're mad for the man meat. :laughing:
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