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witchhunt against Republicans and anyone who has ever supported Trump?

Honky Lips

Welcome to the shit show.
May 21, 2020
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I could make a list of examples three pages long but I’ll just keep it short with the Pelosi saying that the enemy is within the house and Tom Brady supposed to answer for his support of President Trump. D program in the cult and reeducation camps etc. etc.

How far does this go?
It'd be a shame if Nancy's home was to :nuke: the fuck up. Just a shame...
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They're just trying to chill discourse. They want to make conservative ideals taboo, the kind of stuff you don't talk about in public, quasi-public and professional contexts. How long did it take for gay marriage and weed to overcome that stigma? They know they can run the country unchallenged for the better part of a century if they pull that off.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again - this is nothing more than a bait and switch, a dog and pony show, a farce.

Everything you see the dems do, you have to look at it in context. What are they trying to accomplish? Well, announcement of the 2a bill brought that answer.

Think about it. Covid paved the way for election theft through mail in ballots. And now they want to make it permanent and wider spread.
Impeaching Trump took all the attention away from the good he was doing for the nation. Hid his work in the background while everyone was watching the impeachment and antics.
Impeaching him again is a failing way to not allow him in office, and to take time and attention away from the voter fraud (and it's worked like a charm). Do you think they're stupid enough to believe a sham impeachment conducted WITHOUT a federal judge to a citizen is legal? They don't care if it sticks or not, it'll never be legit. They just want everyone looking another direction, as they are.

So why 'demonize' the right? Why make domestic terrorism claims? Why militarize DC and actually create a 'green zone'? Because they're pushing that there is danger, and guns are dangerous, therefore the government is in danger, so these things must be done to protect the COUNTRY. This is their ploy. It's all about the power, and they are going for the juggler.
Anyone remember the "Dissent is Patriotic" bumper stickers when Dubya was in office? :flipoff2:

This endeavor is a self fulfilling prophecy. It's going to be a bumpy ride.
[Handmaidstale]It isn't abut being right or having the people or God on your side... in the end victory goes to the hardest heart, to the ruthless goes the spoils. [/Handmaidstale}
What the right needs to be doing is going after (legally) senators and reps in states where the governor is republican and picks the replacements for removed officials. Get them removed or have them resign in disgrace. All it would take is one senator or a couple of reps. Once a few are removed the bullshit will slow or stop. Mad Max, AOC, Scumer, Kasich and any others that made threats would be good places to start but most of them are Dem strongholds. You need to focus on PA, TX or any other repub heavy state. Find the states with favorable governors and start digging dirt.

Them Dems have been doing it, its time the right does the same.
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