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Wire feed welder product


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May 19, 2020
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spinning this off.
I started that thread when I got the new rig, a miller 211.
Since we are stuck on firewatch, I am running some of this product,
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Fukkin kindle cut off everything after the pic in Post 1...
Running E71t11-030-10
This shit is made here, I must be doing something wrong, so anyone use this?
This lays a bead like the sheilding gas was off in solid core.
It is like the flux aint working.
Bubbles, and porosity.
Miller 211 running auto set, then picking parameters, no change.
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The box says er70s6 (solid) what color is the wire? Does it break when you bend it back and forth?

if it is fluxcore is the polarity correct?
Post a picture of the label and the wire.
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I put the e71t in the blue devil box for storage.
I'll note the barcode.

Polarization.... Brb
Polarized correct, silver wire
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if it is fluxcore is the polarity correct?

Id bet money its not.

I have ran f/c in my lincoln 140 for 10 years and forgot about switching polarity.
I got the ln25 setup at work and had to swap in f/c and forgot about switching polarity
I stopped at another shop on wed and they were swapping over to f/c and fighting shit weld and asked me wtf. Polarity
Pos. Ground clamp lead... Per the label.
Material looks\feels like innercore.
I have to pull it off the shelf later for a "snap" test tho...
Thanx guy's
I put the e71t in the blue devil box for storage.
I'll note the barcode.

Polarization.... Brb
Polarized correct, silver wire

It is very suspicious that someone used a sharpie over the E71T11 and wrote ER70S6 on the box.
I blacked it out.
dual sheild as in gas / flux core?
may have to go there the way it welds...​​​​​
First was clean 3/16 steel ,plate and angle.
then some 1\4 plate hanging some d rings...
I expect birdshit from scale\rusty garbage.
All I have now is a 255cft tank of argon with 1600 psi of material left.
I cannot go runnin around (firewatch) right now.
My shitty 220 v eastwood with hazard frought wire burnt this good:barf:
So here I am.
We are weeding stuff out well so far.
Have you tried it with auto set off and do you have the drive roller on the flux core groove?
That happened to me a few years back.

I had the wife go do an exchange for me and she did what was needed.

Anyways I started trying to weld and it was turning to crap so I posted up and Landslide mentioned the gas...

Sure as shit

100% argon

You need a 75/25 on mild steel.

Ended up burning up my lead on that excursion.
Yeah 100% argon nfg for mig

@ak f250
But hes still having problems with his "flux core" mystery wire possibly in the wrong box
100% argon should be fine. All the Co2 in the c25 add is cleaning action/heat. The 100% argon runs colder and I use it constantly when doing sheet metal repairs. It does NOT like any contaminants/dirty metal though. So if your metal is clean it should run ok. Any contaminants and it will be a shitshow though. Maybe check/turn up the CFM of coverage, I run mine 15-20 inside and out of the breeze. Also, use a little less stickout since its "colder".
I am just running flux core. NO Gas.
I only have a 225cft argon bottle with 1600 psi of material.
Waiting on the firestorm to die down to hunt a gas vendor.
I have the roller set to flux
I am gunna try manual setting and some of the scrap last go round it made no difference, but now I am gunna concentrate on the settings.
Sup with the kiss overlay?
Perhaps one needs makeup to burn this product?
Certainly a head scratcher
Never having run small flux core wire....................................do you set it up to run short arc like solid wire, or do you need to run it hot and spray arc?
Went out and did some regular dial setup on amps and wire speed.
Grabbed some of the scrap, and viola...
Clean normal welds!
It seems the autoset feature is less than stellar at adjusting the machine.
So looks like I'm calling miller for some tech questions.
Thanx to everyone that chimed in.
Millermatic 211 ground clamp is garbage and should we swapped.
Auto-set on the Millermatic 211 / Multimatic 215 always runs too hot / too fast.

Can't remember if it was the Miller 211 or the Millermatic 211 -- auto-set doesn't work with FCAW.
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Yea that's one cheezdick thing they coulda ponnied up for, that and the joke they call a power cord!
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