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Will I regret buying this ammo?

Pat McRotch

May 19, 2020
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Forgive me for I am AR newb.

Tulammo steel cased 223 62gr. I ordered 400rds. Been watching some YT vids and reading comments. The comments are all over the board.
I've never owned an AR so I'm learning. My parts should be in by the end of the week, milling the lower on Thursday. Hope to be shooting this weekend.

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Depends on what barrel you are going to run and what the chamber is:
223 tightest spec
Wilde mid spec
5.56 nato loosest chamber

It may give you some trouble with a match barrel.
Twist rate will affect accuracy, for 62 the ideal is 1 in 8 or 1 in 9, but 1 in 7 will work.
Most 62 gr isn't the most accurate out there anyway.

For plinking and range ammo you should be OK.

A friend had an armalite ar in 223 with a 20" BBL that would not get along with the laquer coated steel cased ammo. After 2 mags it would gum up the chamber and he would have to take a chamber brush and or 45 copper brush and clean the hell out of the chamber to get it to run again.
Thanks for the insight.
Barrel is a 10.5" 5.56 from PSA, 1 to 7 twist.

Oh, and just plinking/house gun. I plan on getting better ammo but for now, this was cheap at .24c per round.
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Should eat it, but if it doesn't should be able to sell it on.
Some ARs just don't like to run steel cased reliably, but most will.
I've got a couple of the older PSA, 1:9, chrome lined, 16" "M4," carbine, 5.56, uppers, I think they were their budget upper, before they started calling them "Freedom." Though mine didn't come with a BCG or CH, and cost more than most of their current, complete, vanilla, Freedom options.

In short, I've got some older PSA 5.56 uppers, and they shoot steel case Tula fine. I shoot more brass than steel, the steel that I do shoot has mostly been Tula and a little Wolf. I'd guess I've shot somewhere in the 500 round range of steel case through them, I can't recall any of them not going bang.
I was under the impression that steel case wasn't the best thing for your rifle.
While steel case is somewhat harder on the system, and dirtier...I
I broke mine in on 500 rounds of cheap wolf.
comando klone upper.
My 45's mostly h8 steel case.
I've shot alot of tula, wolf and silver bear through my ar rifle with minimal malfunctions (they were related to lack of cleaning). But if the projectiles are steel copper washed they will be hard on your barrel. Although I don't think 500rnds is going to make a difference.
It’s dirty, it will stick in really hot chamber, and accuracy is not the best. But it will generally run and it’s cheap. I run some in winter so I don’t have to dig brass out of the snow.
If it cant run steel it doesnt deserve the brass. Most people who are concerned with wearing out barrels/chambers never will. Its a minor cost to replace vs the potential ammo savings

The biggest issue with Tul/Wolf/etc is the bimetal bullets. If you are in an area with primarily indoor ranges they typically will not allow due to risk to their bullet stops. There are non-magnetic bullet steel case that some ranges will allow. If you are shooting outdoors or just holding it for stockpile its fine.
Years ago at the range with a buddy. His AR would occasionally rip a small chunk out of the rim of the steel case when the case would get stuck in the chamber. He would basically have to use a cleaning rod to ram the stuck case out.

my old PSA upper would shoot steel case ammo just fine for what it is worth.
My target rifle does not like to extract steel case ammo, but my others eat it just fine. The target rifle and one of the others are Wylde, the others are 5.56
Shot the pistol for the first time today. Put 270 rounds through it, 0 problems.