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Wild West trip planning help


May 21, 2020
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Working on planning a trip west this spring. Moab, Colorado, and...... Going to leave the truggy at home. Plan is to trailer the grocery getter 08 Rubicon 2 door 6 speed. Currently has 34" KM2's with flares and no lift. Want to run some trails, do some hiking, light camping, sightseeing, etc. Need to keep it somewhat tame as to the level of wheeling. Wife won't put up with too much hard core, not going to be a wheeling only trip, don't really want to trash the Jeep, that is what the other rig is for. Just want to get away get out and see some stuff. Have a few upgrades planned.

Have a slide-in for the truck for accommodations most nights.

Planning on bringing the hardtop at this point, don't have a soft top and don't want one. We park it in the garage from Memorial day to at least Labor day with the top and doors off. Was thinking the hardtop will keep things dry and in place on the trailer and provide cover if cold. We can take it on and off in a couple of minutes. Might pick up a rescue top also.

I think we will have 2 weeks. Would kind of like to arrive for the end of Easter Jeep week just to see the spectacle.

Have some friends around Denver to visit.

Always have wanted to see Telluride.

She wants to see Zion and or Canyonlands

Suggestions?? Places to stay?

zona,utah,nuthin in the prk worth a trip.
nevada, brb
Agreed on skipping T-Ride. F them and their uppity anti-ohv views.

Ouray/Silverton/Lake city for the win.

But its all going to be snowed in still on easter.
id leave the truck and trailer at home. take the jeep and do a mix and match of hotels and tenting.
id leave the truck and trailer at home. take the jeep and do a mix and match of hotels and tenting.

I'd maybe go the other route and leave the Jeep and trailer home and just rent a jeep/sxs at the locations you want to do a little offroading.
Black Hills SoDak, you could spend a week here easy and still have stuff to see

If you are just sticking with those states then nvm. :laughing:
Most things in Colorado you're wanting to see will still be snowed in for the most part.
WIth your setup you should be able to do any #6 rated trail on the RR4W scale. Maybe a few 7 if you want to get western. I'd go south and check out Elephant Hill.
After Moab you got a few chooses on how to get to Zion. Over the top to Green River to Hanksville and across Dixie NF. If you go this route I'd spend a few days checking out the San Rafael Swell area and Goblin Valley. If you go south from Moab might be able to check out some of Bears Ears and then head to Bridges NM. Go south and ride the ferry at Hite or east back to Hanksville or to Canyonlands Maze district.
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