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Why the fawk was i not told about compressorhead ?

*Actual photo of OP's house*

It's like the Country Bear Jamboree, but with Terminators :flipoff2:

EDIT: or Milli Vanillli with Terminators. Either way, thank Skynet :laughing:
I also suck at the interwebs because this is the first I’m seeing of this and it pretty damn bad ass.
I have to have my PC on mute at work. I have no idea what the hell I just watched. I'll have to check this out when I get home. :laughing:
First im seeing it too. Cool shit. Bass drum is in the wrong spot on that one side view. Thought they weren't playing, then thought they were playing, then....I dont fuckin know.

Best comment.

"If you had a time machine and threw someone from the 1700s in the front row of this show they’d think they’re in hell"


Imagine Connecticut Yankee in reverse. The Yankee had to be careful in Arthurian times so he didn't get burned for witchcraft. But imagine taking Lancelot into modern times, they wouldn't make it one day before collapsing in a sobbing ball.
My 11yo said "Daaaad, what is that noise?"

I read this thread before I clicked the links, and I R dissapoint. That is some Kenny Loggins Coors Light "rock". Somebody said "Terminator", I was expecting Ministry or Rammstein or something.
With all the movents and controls theres more robotics in the band than the entire disney park.

But yeah!

Uhhmmm, no. It's just Megan Fox staring at a measly 50 watt stack with her big assed thumb stuck right in her mouth.

You should feel ashamed.
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