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Why Do People Love Jeeps So Much?


Jul 16, 2020
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I think Jeeps (TJ, YJ, XJ, JK,WJ) are alright as a toy for off-roading, but I still don’t get the appeal of them. At least in my area, they are the biggest rust bucket POS’s around, normally hacked up with all kinds of aftermarket mods and lifts (rarely done well, either). Frames rot out, body rots out, they ride like shit. Why do people like them so much?

Maybe it’s just the fact they’re a Jeep and people like the looks and name that goes with them, but I wouldn’t own one as a daily driver, only for a toy to go play in. As a rule, I try and avoid any Chrysler products because they are junk and have always been junk.

I have my own biases, of course, I love 73-87 square body Chevys, which have their own issues. But I’d like to know what people like so much about Jeeps, and to a lesser extent, Chrysler products. Having worked at a Chrysler dealer for over 3 years in the past, they were all huge POS’s even when new.

So what is it you Jeep lovers like about them so much? Same for drivers of any Chrysler vehicle?
I've had Jeeps since I was 20, all big built CJs that had to be trailered everywhere. Back then they were cheap and parts were abundant.

Now I have 2 kids under 3 and JK I can drive them around in safely and still get off the road with.
I drive a jeep because it makes me a chick magnet. No kidding, I have to lock my doors when I drive in town to keep the girls from trying to jump into my Jeep. Now when I was younger, I might have taken on all comers. Now that I've grown old, I am saving myself for Jeep girls.

Cuz they are fun, capable, and easy to work on. They are compact, have solid axles, and a good 4x4 system with a shift lever.

I had four since college and did all kinds of shit to them and beat them to hell but they never left me stranded.

Everything is a rust bucket where they use salt. It is just a matter of finding the ones that were cared for.
You could say that about any 4x4.

I liked driving door less around town in my yj, that's about it. Plus with it being such an unreliable POS I learned how to wrench and appreciate my future more reliable vehicles and wheelers.
im not even a jeep guy and think this is a ridiculous question :laughing:

decent power and weight, comfortable yet rugged interior, and endless bolt ons

not that its super legit, but off the showroom floor it comes "trail rated"

the new bronco is the only thing that comes close to actually touching that market
Jimmyflatrate695150 - have you ever heard of narrow, off-camber trails?

I'm not a "Jeep lover", but I've owned 1 for 10 years w/ no regrets.

The new Bronco is the only new offering that's even close.

Maybe try wheeling where a Subaru can't go.
The most fun I've ever had wheeling was in a bone stock 06 Rubicon I had a couple of years. I wouldn't own anything after the TJ line. The wife had a 2 door and 4 door JK and hated them after the novelty wore off.
Aside from the wheeling aspects mentioned above in front range CO owning a jeep seems to be a good crutch for not having any personality:flipoff2:
But I’d like to know what people like so much about Jeeps, and to a lesser extent, Chrysler products. Having worked at a Chrysler dealer for over 3 years in the past, they were all huge POS’s even when new.

So what is it you Jeep lovers like about them so much? Same for drivers of any Chrysler vehicle?

The 14 Charger I have has been troublefree with over 100k on it. Lightyears better than the 98 Blazer it replaced, so maybe it's you that suck.:flipoff2:
Never owned a jeep, likely never will. I do see the appeal though. Easy to build to any size tire with bolt on shit, and chicks dig em. But, as was stated before "first off, fuck jeeps":lmao:
I daily'd my '97 TJ from '99 to '08-ish. I parked it in my parents' barn for ~4 years from '10-'14, when Jewels and I moved out of state.

My Jeep is what JP Magazine once called, "the most limp wristed Jeep ever made," i.e. 2.5l, auto, with A/C & 3.73 gears. Even before I lifted it and put larger tires on it, it was a terrible vehicle on the highway. With a soft top & half doors, you can't hear yourself think at highway speeds, and it's slow. It takes forty forevers to get up to speed, with larger tires, and the 3.73 gears, 0-60 is measured in minutes. I've lived the death wobble life, thankfully an entirely new front suspension and steering last Oct. finally fixed that. Rust isn't an issue, but I'm well south of the Mason-Dixon. Speaking of soft tops, I'm on my 3rd top in 20 years, and I've kept ragged soft tops well past their prime, most normal folks would have probably had 4 or 5 in the same time. The exhaust manifold is cracked, and leaking... again. There's a vacuum leak at the intake manifold gasket... again. The valve cover gasket is leaking... again. The power steering fluid runs out the sector shaft seal about as fast as I pour it in the reservoir. I could go on and on.

As terrible as it is at being a car, it's pretty good at being, well, a Jeep.

Lunch box lockers front and rear, mild lift, and tires, it'll go more places than I've got the skill or fortitude to take it.

I've got over 20 years of a love-hate relationship with my Jeep. I know its shortcomings, and there are plenty of them, but I'll never give it up.

andy29847 isn't too far off, there were plenty of girls in college, that I know only looked at me because I drove a Jeep.
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I never wanted a Jeep, but I could see why people liked them. I got my TJ from a friend just because it was too good of a deal to say no. Now I dont mind having one. I would still rather have a G Wagon.

Maybe OP jusy needs to come out of the closet like the rest of us jeepfags.:rainbow:
I do kind of miss my LJ, especially now that I have a decent shop to keep one with the top off. It's also nice having a manual option in the used market, as that's few and far between in trucks. Plus they have frames, and not unibodies.

The "Jeep" thing is absolutely stupid. I don't get it. But, a lot of people hate SXS owners. So, whatever.

Don't think too hard Jimmy, you might break those few brain cells you have left, and then where would you be? Probably buying a Jeep...or a Chrysler Town and Country. :flipoff2:​​​​​​​
I loved my first XJ (1st 4x4), and proceeded to own (and trash) about a dozen more after selling the first one. I then got a TJ and discovered why people loved Jeeps so much. Eventually sold that and always wanted to get another, but my desire to wheel and wrench on shit faded.

Today, I'd choose a stock sxs and a stock Miata over building another Jeep; I'd have more fun, less hassle, and be money ahead.
Wow! I'm actually impressed you made it over three years in any job before you annoyed your way out the door.
Never owned one but I can see the appeal. I'd have an LJ Rubicon but not as a primary vehicle.
Jeep = 'Merica.

Of course the only Jeep parts remaining on my Jeep are a few pieces of sheet metal. :smokin:
Its a solid axle SUV with warranty, I like to be able to take it to the dealership for service and repairs.

Self righteous "mechanics" at independent shops are fucking idiots. I recently read about a guy who made 10 commandments about shop repairs, I dont want a self proclaimed vehicle autist working on my jeep.
I have a XJ which is my weekend toy (streetable) but also on occasions it's my back-up vehicle when my daily beater is down lol.

my gf have a TJ and I hated on how impractical they are on storage space.... but make a good wheeler, however.
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