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Who's who for mini-truss for Dodge or Chevy kingpin 60?


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May 20, 2020
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Title basically states it.

Who makes a mini-truss that works for a 1991 Dodge Dana 60 kingpin front?

I have lopped 7" off the driver side. I'm doing a three link and the upper link lands basically on top of the diff. I'm not doing any serious beating so I don't see the need of a full length truss. I would also like to have additional clearance due to shooting for super low suspension. If there is a cheap option, I'd just as soon go that route over time to bend up my own.
I just narrowed a Barnes truss for my GM 60 with 4.5 inches removed from the long side. I'm not aware of a mini truss for the Dodge housing and it's a bit different from the GM on the PS of the diff.

My understanding of the differences between a Dodge and Chevy front are:
2" more tube on the short side.
A little wider spring pad cast in (could be cut a bit)
Different spring pad spacing (irrelevant in this case)
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