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Who has kobalt 40v garden tools?

2big bronco

Og irate
May 19, 2020
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Prunedale ca
Couldn't pass this... normally $119 and got it brand new for $3.30 after tax open box at lowes with no batterey. I didn't actually want it but maybe someone here does. Free if you pick it up and actually plan to use it and not sell

shame it's not 80v or I'd take it off your hands for my mother in law.

the 80V stuff is pretty damned good.
especially for an older person that can't pull start a small 2 stroke engine anymore.
I had the 40v weed whacker and it worked awesome. I don't have a huge area to do so the battery powered one made sense as ,mixing gas and dealing with ethanol death to engines was a pain in the ass, and 4strokers are way overkill for my needs.

That got stolen when I lent it to my son.

Picked up a combo weed whacjer and blower in 24V at lowes for like $80 when they had a Father Day Sale last year on an implulse buy when I saw it while at the store.

Even though its only 24v, still suits my needs perfectly. Zero complaints.
I have the Kobalt 80v mower, blower and line trimmer they work well for my needs.
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