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Which chassis?

Which chassis?

  • Kalif Redden Chassis

    Votes: 6 42.9%
  • Bomber Trail Chassis

    Votes: 3 21.4%
  • Other

    Votes: 5 35.7%

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Jan 29, 2021
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Hurricane UT
Doing a lightweight rear steer build for crawling and torn between 2 chassis. I know they are completely different but I like them both.
Going to be TG/JHF portal axles, either LS or Odyssey motor, TH350, D300.
I like the size of the Bomber but not sure what it will take to put the portals and rear steer in it.
Kalif chassis is proven with the portals and rear steer, it’s just a little small.
Leaning toward the KR chassis but would Love some input that I may not be considering?
Have you looked into the JHF trail chassis (Not the JHF Goatbuilt one) or the BFR CH2? Those are the two I have been eyeballing for when the time comes to put together a buggy. I just recently saw Kalif's chassis for the first time. I have no idea of the price or drivetrain compatibility, but it certainly looks like a good option.
Thanks for the mentions!. If I can help out, let me know. Our CH2 was specifically designed to podium in the trail buggy class with front and rear steer portals, and I have about anything youd need to complete your build from brackets to tin work. If you'd like to discuss a little about your build, hit me up at [email protected].
We just had a Sasquatch Motorsports rig out here. Pretty sweet car.
I thought I recognized a red beard in your build thread pics...

Allen sold his last rig right before TH last year, he was slotted to complete but didn’t after the sale was completed.




Brian needs to get himself a red beard. He’ll drive the rig better. Haha
James Tracy or Allen Phenis

I really dig JT's cars, he told me he prefers to build rollers tho. Devin Brandt builds similar cars that I personally like the look of a little better.

OP not sure how big your are but Kalifs chassis look pretty cramped to me, but I'm a bigger (wider) guy. I just picked up Jesse's new trail chassis and its a work of art. The final selling point on it was the fact that its 48" at the rocker but 52" at the door bar. That little bit of extra width in the shoulder area is going to be huge for me.
I really like Kalif's chassis for a mix of comp crawler/trail buggy. If that's too small, I would seriously consider the new chassis Matthew Cutler has come out with. It looks well thought out, good size, super strong and comfortable. Look up Matthew Cutler or Cutler Fab on Facebook. I know he has some pics on the FB Rock Buggies page. To me, it looks like a mix between a JHF trail chassis and a Red Dot. Nice clean lines...


I hope he is enjoying his new whip. I left Sand Hollow right before Allen delivered it.

Him and Christian had a blast out here. Cool dudes for sure. We’ll be headed to Sandhollow tomorrow, till Saturday or Sunday.

Has anyone mentioned a Hallenback chassis?? The wraith chassis is pimp.
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