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Wheel backspacing help


Central California
May 19, 2020
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Central California
Not really sure what to order for backspacing. I am going to pickup some beadlocks. 17x9 it looks like since that is the mostly popular and available size from wheel manufactures.

It appears that backspacing comes in 3.75 - 4.75 in .25 incredments for some brands and some in 3.75 or 4.5. TG only sells their wheels in 3.75 from what I can tell, and I have seen those and just about any configuration out there as far as vehicles go so I was just going to go 3.75 but then I figured I may be better of getting some advice. Not really sure what is going to suit me best.


92 excab, Diamond front +3 on each side, IFS TG rear with 2" spacers. Diamond is getting ordered Monday so I dont have a mockup to look at. Also, eventually the body will get swapped to a 1st-gen Runner.

Tires will be Cooper STT Pro 40" x 13.5 x 17

Anyone recommend an offset and maybe why? Looking to gain some knowledge here as well and not buy the wrong, expensive wheels.
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I'd go for the 3.5"

I needed spacers on my 4.75" bs wheels with 39x13.5s on an FJ80 axle. With a true 40, youll be screwed with much more than that.
I'd go 3.75" backspacing. With 40s your going to need all the room you can get when that front axle is articulated and at full lock.

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I have weird 4.75" 17s Eagle Alloys and can't wait to order new wheels. I plan on Allied Soft 8 Beadlocks in 3.5" BS to gain a little more clearance. I wouldn't go over 4" BS for sure.
Leaves or links on the front end?

With leaf springs you might want less BS, so 3.5-4". Otherwise your tires will be snagging on the springs long before you run out of steering angle.

With links, you can set up the suspension to give more tire clearance if you want to and then your angle is just limited by the knuckle ball seals. So you could possibly tuck the tires in a little more with 4.75" BS.

Either way, you're going to have a good amount of tire outside the fender. I'm guessing you will have IFS hubs as well since the rear IFS axle with 2" spacers will be 62" wide, and the +3 front housing with IFS hubs will be 61.25" wide. I would actually consider ditching the 2" spacers for 1" to bring the rear axle down to 60" wide.
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