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What you gonna do?


Central California
May 19, 2020
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Central California
Well, she did get her answer to what he was gonna do.

I am as anti-hit a woman as it gets after watching my mom get beat more times that I wanted to when I was young. Under no circumstances is it acceptable. I have wanted to...many times. Raw anger and emotions are normal but I have never succumbed to hitting a woman.

I don't think this lady should have had this guy come across with a Mike Tyson right, but something has to be said by "black leaders" to "their" people that they need to learn the shut the fuck up sometimes and not make so many confrontations about "respecting them" and other inflammatory actions. Saying that, he could have wrapped her up and put her on the ground, or countless other methods to subdue her.

Curious what happens here in this case. Fired, charged, handed, family and home razed and burned to the ground?

Somebody embed the first one. I dumb :homer:


She DID ask him what he was going to do. All he did was show her......

Thats another: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes deal.

I'm sure if she would have STFU the end result would have been much different.
I'm sure if she would have STFU the end result would have been much different.

Isnt that always the case though? But no, lets repeat the same phrase over and over ad nauseam as a verbal filibuster to your brain so you do not have to "hear" any commands.

Wasn't it Mike Tython who said everyone is tough until they get punched in the face or something like that?
I hit a woman once. Sixth grade. Got kicked right in the balls by a girl. I swung on my way to the ground. May have hit her shoulder during my fall as my eyes rolled back in my head.
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