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What is this stuff?


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May 19, 2020
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It has popped up twice now in the area we had a tree removed and the stump ground. My wife has been spraying all volunteers that have come up with round up and drilled a bunch of holes in the surface roots that remain and poured round up in them as well.

Is a giant blob going to come kill us all in the middle of the night:eek:


I've seen that fungus in NY a handful of times.
Quick Google tells me it's slime mold, it's from your mulch and not the stump, and not worth dicking with.
Looks like Dog Vomit Slime Mold. Grows in mulch that is excessively wet.
Yep that is a slime mold. They are interesting critters.
Looks like a fungus of some sort.

Where are you located?

A couple miles from San Quentin. Close to the SF Bay.

figured it was some king of fungus. I will let it eat my wife and the kids first, then figure out how to kill it.:grinpimp:
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had white version of the same stuff show up in a huge pile of chips after I had trees taken down. now i know what it is. It was all fresh green limbs so lots of moisture
You're all wrong. Pretty sure that is slime mold.
You planted the chicom seeds that you found in the mail didn’t you? Count your days down, you will be dead soon.

Damn it, how am I going to tell my kids Santa died. The chicoms kilt him.
Looks to me like slime mold. Kick it over if it's really bugging you
After a little research I an thinking it might be slime mold. Is there anyone that could confirm for me. Thanks.
if you really want to kill the roots, fill the holes with saltpeter.

bonus that it will greatly accelerate their rot so you can remove them next year easily.
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