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What enclosed trailer will hold up.


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May 20, 2020
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Part 2 for the dump trailer thread. https://www.pirate4x4.com/threads/wh...ld-up.2692112/

We are now looking for more enclosed trailers. we have a fleet of 12' wellscargo trailers from the 90s that are all on their way out. we have slowly been replacing them and its time for 2 more. we bought 2 14' larks in 2014 one needed the last crossmember replaced in 2016 and got scrapped in 2018. we bought 3 14' arisons and 2 16' tandem in 2018. one of them is getting the rear crossmember replaced this month. all the enclosed trailers are 5 lug. so all over loaded.. We need either 6lug or tandem trailers. these will be used for tool trailers on jobsites. alot of the trailers get loaded for working with excavator/cranes for concrete work. always loaded with buckets of chains and other heavy stuff. the trailer will also get a roof rack for loading boat lift bunks or concrete forms.
What kills these trailers is every one will have a 4x8x8" piece of foam wrapped with filter cloth for working in the water. those floats hold quite a bit of water, so when they get put in the trailer everything gets coated in saltwater.. some of the trailers we made a mount to keep it outside on the side of the trailer, which helps but it still rusts one side.
I know every trailer wont last long with these conditions but those wellscargos did. so whats some good mid grade trailers? I dont think its going to be worth getting the most expensive in this situation
Haulmark is basically Wells Cargo these days (same assembly line). You can order them with 12" centers for more beef. I would skip the rear support legs (unless you absolutely need them) and add steel casters at the rear corners for when they drag ass. If not, they *will* crack at the rear crossmember to frame weld and/or at the top corner to roof weld.
we've been looking into big 50' race car trailers and InTech trailers seem really well built. we also have a 20' of theirs and its held up well to a bunch of morons dragging it around
I don't remember who made this one, but replaced the tongue and rear crossmember a few months back



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