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What axle is this?


May 19, 2020
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My Neighbor and I have been wondering what is this axle. It's crammed into a tube chassis drag car. We're thinking 9.3 Olds or Buick. Any IBB ideas what it is?

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They weren't bad, some of the old school hot rodders swear by them, though they're probably best left in a museum car or retro rod.

The 9" Ford pretty much killed them off and with the selection of high strength 9" parts available these days, that old Olds axle doesn't make sense.

iirc There were two different axle shafts available a 29 spline and 31 spline, so if you're going to use one, make sure it is the 31 spline shaft.

Do a search on H.A.M.B., they probably have some decent info there.
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With a 1.875” pinion diameter and 1.533” shafts I’d say it’s fairly stout.
Thanks for the info! Not sure how much power the car will make, it's a N/A gasoline big block through a powerglide
It will take that kind of power. They used those same rear ends in front engine dragsters and fuel altereds with blown hemis.

Nice! Thanks! I don't think this car will see alcohol or a blower. And if it does, oh well, it's not my car :flipoff2:
Pics of the whole chassis? Its hard to tell WTF it is in those pictures.

Here's wow it was a while back. I'm not sure if this chassis ever ran down the track or not, but we put the motor in and have started from here. Whoever build the original chassis I think knew what they were doing. I don't see many things out of line. We've modified a few things, but are mostly just getting it up and running.

It has a fiberglass 60's Corvette body that lays down on top. Pivots up from the rear, and we'll put and escape hatch on top... for reasons. :eek:

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