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Well Damn, can't edit titles here either

May 19, 2020
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South Park, CO
Had to try, Hopes and dreams dashed. And hey Austin, Can I change my username?

Just kidding, wanted you to have the full admin experience as soon as possible.
Thanks for nothing.

i edited a thread title today, non premium member, but you can only make 1 edit, got an error message when i tried to do it again.

if it matters, there was either 1 or 0 responses to the thread at the time, and it was only me talking to myself.

Go to first post > edit > above the body of the message, you will see the thread title. make your edits there > save changes.
You get 2 minutes after creating it to change the title and for the 'Last Edited' mumbojombo to not show.....
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