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Welding tip and nozzle types


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Sep 12, 2020
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I’m being given a ViperMig 180 welder. According to the manufacturer this uses binzel nozzles and series 15 tips. I can’t find anything explaining what the difference is between series 15 and 14 or tweco. I don’t know if I can just buy a different gas nozzle and switch the gun to a Lincoln nozzle and tip. Is there anyone who can explain all this to me? Yeah I know it’s a Chinese type welder. I’m just learning to weld and would rather know what I’m doing before I screw something up.

EDIT: It has a SB15 Mig Torch. I don't know how hard it's going to be to find consumables for this when I need them or if it's the same as Harbor Freight parts. I also don't know if I can just thread a Lincoln/Series 14 tip into it and slap on a Binzel nozzle and be good to go.
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I figured it took clone stuff. Thanks for the advice to take it in. I always assume the local shops want nothing to do with harbor freight/china brands they don't sell. There was a place in Santa Monica with parts, but I didn't want to pay more in shipping than what I was ordering. For $100 I can but a Tweco gun from Yeswelder off Amazon that apparently takes lincoln stuff.
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