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Weight Loss Workout Recommendations?


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Jun 2, 2020
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My fat ass lost 30 pounds in 2 months while I was away at work hitting the elliptical for 60-90 minuets a day. I went form completely out of shape cardio wise to not getting winded after a couple flights of stairs but I have a long way to go. I'm home for 3 weeks and and would like to keep the momentum going, I could use to loose an additonal 50-70 pounds to get down to where I want to be. On non rainy days I'm going to give running a try but I need a rainy day option since more often than not it's 60 degrees and rainy here. Trying to find an instock elliptical that's not a complete pile of junk that will ship to Juneau, AK for under $1,000 isn't an easy task or I'd just buy one. I tried the wife's beach body video thing doing an insanity workout and me attempting to follow some dude bouncing around the screen just doesn't work. I could use something like do this for x minutes, than this for x minutes but following a workout video just doesn't work for me.

What's irate's recommendation for 30-90 minutes a day of indoor cardio/ possibly some muscle building to loose a bunch of weight?
Find something to stress out endlessly over, loose sleep and stop eating because of it. Always worked for me. I lost 4 pounds in a week recently
How does a fella lose a beer belly while continuing drinking beer?
this getting to be a problem
How does a fella lose a beer belly while continuing drinking beer?
this getting to be a problem

Pretty sure meth is the best solution for that. Might even stop you from drinking beer?
Heavy bag workout. If you can get up to 60 to 90 minutes straight of a heavy bag workout you will be a fucking beast. Something like this. Just an example.


It will give you cardio and muscle. I have one thats just an mp3. Some european mma dude. Its basically 2 to 3 minute rounds followed by a minute or so "rest". Bunch of different strikes and kicks assigned a number. He calls out a string of numbers and you wail on the bag for the timed round. No pussying around either you wail on that fucker like its trying to kill you.
​​​When he calls a rest, you do some pushups, situps, crunches, burpees, or plank till the next round starts.

Trust me when you get to the point where you can rock that out for 90 minutes you wont need to lose any more weight.

As for beach body try the p90x you can make it a lot less intense than the insanity and work your way up.
Congrats on the weight loss.

1. Keep track of your macros. There are plenty of free apps out there with paid versions if you want bling. MyFitnessPal is a good one.
2. Ease into working out, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a good and bad thing.
3. Take a rest day every so often
4. Keep at it
lift weights. compare the supposed # of calories you burn doing aerobic exercise.

more muscle means more calories burned, even when not exercising
Diet! Track your calories and eat healthy. It sucks but it works good. I've dropped from 240 to 215 in the past 2 months from diet alone. I do plan to start working out at home, but just simple things that can be done with an exercise ball and some 20 lbs weights.

I can share my food logs with you if your interested.
Once in a while I get motivated to do HIIT after 30 minutes my metabolism is through the roof, I spend the rest of the day checking the thermostat and looking for steak:laughing:
Eat less, and eat better. Lift weights. Pay attention to portion size. Stop worrying about getting wet. Go ride a bike. Running will kill your knees if you're a big guy.

Or cigarettes, coffee, and Copenhagen.

Or meth.

Options rated from most to least healthy, also from slowest to fastest.
I lost 13 lbs in 18 days and didn't exercise for shit.
Don't let a rain with 60* stop you from running.

Grab a bicycle and go biking.

Hiking with added weight (water jugs).

Jumping jack, burpee, squats, abs workout.

Don't rest too much time in between workout, you won't die from 120+ heart beat. Keep it around 135 to 150 if you can, 170+ will get you gassed quick.

I don't really diet but I almost eat 4 to 6 tuna pouch day because cheap and enough to sustain energy. Add fruit to eat here and there, lots of water.

I used weight scale and able limit the weight of food I consume. Much easier to maintain/lose weight. I can easily eat 3lb of wings if I don't pay attention. :laughing:
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Push aways...

Reps of 10 x 3 per day.

Push away from eating surface.
I've been doing this since June 7th:
4 Ensure Plus' a day - 1000HRS/1400HRS/1600HRS/1800HRS
4X350cal = 1,400cal
6 to 7 16.9oz bottled water throughout the day.
water = 0cal

Dinnertime - regular meal
meal = 1,000 to 1,500cal

While doing the axle swap the last 2 weeks I've been substituting 1400HRS Ensure Plus with a Coke (for the purpose of the caffeine and sugar).
Coke = 140cal

This works for me because it's my lazy way of keeping track of calories.

My target is to keep my calorie intake to 3,000cal or less a day.
15cal per pound of body weight to sustain life.
3,000/15cal = 200lbs
3,000cal sustains a body weight of 200lbs.

So far I'm down 20lbs - 265lbs to 245lbs

My realistic weight loss goal is 220lbs.

IDEALLY; I'd love to be 200lb to 210lbs.
I started building decks again. I eat a big egg breakfast maybe a cliff bar or 2 for lunch. Then veggies and steak or fish for dinner. About a gallon of water a day. Lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks and got stronger at the same time. Even had to punch a new belt loop.:flipoff2::stirthepot: If I drop below the 190’s I am going to need to eat more.
Eat less.

I did that as well. The mine camp has plenty of really crappy food options and will pile your plate sky high with fried processed goodness. I cut out bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and fried stuff, stopped having seconds/ watched what they were piling on my plate, and only drank water and black coffee. Then I'd bust ass on the elliptical for 60-90 minutes a night. When I'm home I don't drink much if any beer.

There's plenty of skinny people who are out of shape cardio wise who are gasping for air after 4 flights of stairs. It used to kill me to drag my tool bag from the bottom of our mill to the top of our crusher, 5 flights of stairs over 100 yards, now it's nowhere near as bad. I'd like to loose the gut and be in shape physically/ cardio wise. While I lost 30 pounds working out and watching what I was eating we had another guy who dieted/ skipped meals and claims he lost 15 pounds. We were both working on some equipment at the top of 3 flights of stairs and it was killing him vs. it wasn't a huge deal for me to head back to the shop for parts/ tools.
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