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May 19, 2020
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Red Bank, NJ
In. Stuck doing safety training today and tomorrow at work, so here I sit with the dog begging some chicken nuggets.
In. Still at work. Got some pork chops for the grill and that’s the extent of my evening.
Meh. Feels like a Friday on my end.
Gave the dog a much needed bath today and trying to get the bike out of the garage for some 2 wheels time.
In, eating leftovers I have to get my truck out remove the front drive line and unload my tools out of my suburban my mom needs to borrow it.

Some of you may know I bought a house in Chico for my daughter to live and use as a rental while she was finishing her degree. We were lucky and bought 4 months before the camp fire out of the fire zone and basically had 40k in equity overnight. Now that they are going to be virtual for her last semester I told her we are selling the place. Now I have 3 borderline ungrateful asshole kids(they're all legally adults) at home. I might fucking lose it in the next couple weeks. I actually feel worse for my wife, she is stuck with them all day, at least I am "essential" and get to go to work

They all worked up until this covid shit started, now who knows what the hell is going to happen, they may be unemployed for months.:mad3:
Drinking beers while sitting in the shop looking at 3 projects I could be working on Not doing shit
We went back to work yesterday. I told my guys to meet on base at 0600 to leave at 0615. We were at the shipyard in Seattle by 0645. Fucking crazy with no traffic. That commute usually takes 2 hours. Tonight it's beers and youtoob. May play some world of warships after I get my chores done.
Like about every evening around this time. Stupid electronic logbook says I am supposed to be tired. So here I sit once again a little over two hours away from the railhead where my next load of new cars awaits a ride to their dealer.
In. Working tonight, hoping that I get to crush more hopes and dreams! Already shit down one job for the day! :flipoff2:
worked a double to get the next two days off, going to convert the small block in the parts Jeep YJ to Atomic efi before the weekend
Im still at work. Unloading my last load of fuel. I was planning on being home by 5. At least this load is right across the street from my house and where Im unloading is the exact spot I park. Ive been awake since 1am. Ive been waking up around 1 or 2am to go work on the jeep so I can go to Smorr this weekend. I was going to pull it with the denali and sleep in it but it is supposed to rain all weekend so I decided yesterday that I will take the rv so that quadrupled the work I have to get ready. I was planning on leaving in about 24hrs from now but I dont think thats going to happen.
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