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WD hitch with built-in or separate sway control?


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Jun 2, 2020
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New to the WD towing world and am looking at WD hitches. Hoping to pick up a lightweight 21' travel trailer (4,900# GVWR and 615# tongue, dry) to pull with my Tahoe (8200# tow capacity with integrated brake controller, electronic sway reduction, standard Class III receiver, etc).

I am not new to towing things, its just usually a smaller enclosed or flat trailer with limited height/weight behind the Tahoe or a big gooseneck behind a dually. So WD has never been something I needed to worry about.

Is integrated sway control of a WD hitch super noisy and annoying compared to a chain based standard WD with a separate sway control? Obviously it's easier to setup as it has fewer parts.

Are standard "L" style any better or worse than friction pad type?
I really like my Reese Staightline WD hitch with sway control. It focus’ more on stopping the sway from starting as opposed to controlling the sway once it starts.
Pulling an 8,500lb travel trailer with a 2015 Ram 2500 and the bars really make a big difference while towing in heavy crosswinds.
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