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Wanted: hauling: norcal to az np205.

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May 19, 2020
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trinity center ca
Project junky helped me (along with several others) and in return im gona help him.

He needed a specific np205 and found him one. Need to get it to him.

pickup in trinity center/weaverville/redding nor cal and dropped off in tuscon az.

He does have a rough plan to go to koh but as we all know thats a crapshoot currently.

Timeline is completely open atm.
I'm headed from San Jose CA to Litchfield Park AZ on 12/27.
If you can get it to me and get it picked up I can haul it.
Shit. I drove down to sac this morning and left in a rush.

I wanted to drop it in sac or vacaville to make it easier.
I'm going LA this weekend, if anyone can bring it to me, I can take it to him.

arriving 14th evening. Leaving 15th midday, I can wait longer on 15th if that helps.
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Update, I'm going to LA again, I got time to go trinity center/weaverville/redding nor cal , find me an unusual fried ice cream or best kind fried ice cream around there. I'll be going there in March. Likely mid March
It's in good hands.

Going to projectjunkie soon. :grinpimp:

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