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Wa State governor candidate

These little known candidates have all sorts of great plans until they get into office an run up against the political machinery. But it has to start small so vote for them..
I thought gregoire was a piece of shit until mein fuhrer inslee got in. Culp gets my vote too.
so many culp signs out here, my kid outta the blue in the house made a "culp for governor" comment today and the wife goes, "how do you even know about that?" 🤣

if EVER there were a year to make some inroads in this state, this would be the year. My neighbor whose been here for 60 years has said he'll have to move if inslee gets another term :rasta:
Culp got screwed with the voter pamphlet. Picture on the right is what was actually submitted. I think the inslee camp is nervous about him. He is certainly getting my vote. Freed doesn't look bad either

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