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Vin Check or CarFax?


Desk Wheeler
May 19, 2020
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Washington Navy Yard
Selling a one owner Crown Vic....but it seems every interested party wants a Vin Check...probably to make sure it's not a clapped out cop car.

2003 model year.

can someone run a vin check report

2 FAFP 74W 23X 150359
Why the fuck is it the responsibility of the seller to provide that info? If im buying a used car and want info on it, I pay for the carfax. My response to those requests would be the vin # and a link to carfax. Don't like it, buy another car..... :flipoff2:
I should post some of the crap people ask....

one guy said....I will pay (1K less that asking) cash with no questions asked, if you drive it two hours one way to deliver....

told me to go fuck my mother when I replied no.
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