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Vault the porch ceiling or not?


Drunken Hobbit
May 21, 2020
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So I have finished the whole interior remodel of the house and was thinking of doing a timber frame truss vaulted ceiling on the porch. Below is a crude sketch, yea, or not worth the money for the look. It will be random wide-plank cedar for the ceiling

canvas (1).png
It looks good the way it is and would definitely not be worth it to me to redo it just to have a vault. If the porch were the same direction as the main roof, then definitely vault it.
I like your sketch.

My porch looks like yours, and I don't like it.

I'm not sure it's worth the work just for aesthetics, though.
I am ballparking 1600 but 3200 is what I think it will end up at.
put the money you'd spend on making it pretty and gay looking into making it bigger and more skeeter-proof
somewhere big enough to park a couple IBC cages of firewood is always a good idea if you burn wood in the winter
Id recommend screening in your porch, while you are doing stuff to the front


I hate screened in porches, and I live on the buckle of the mosquito belt.

It still feels like a "room", and not outside. It doesn't count as being outside. Its a hot ass room with a dumb fuzzy view.
Vault it! Look at the Simpson strong tie decorative hardware. The stuff is a little pricey but outcome will look nice!
only reason it would be worth it IMO is if you were gonna extend it 2-3x its current length to have a bigger front porch, it would look a lot better if it was bigger
Ok the verdict seems to be to build an screened in room . After getting back home I to realize that there is is not enough height to justify the cost. So here are possible areas for a screen room to go . Yes I know I need to repair the dock ,the asshole that built it used regular lumber for the decking. I have working on the rest of the property to concentrate on that.
These are areas off the front porch which we primarily use when outside.
Back and side yard have enough structures as is
My Grandma set up one of these every summer, back in the 80s in StLouis. I was a kid, so DGAF, but all the tea-sippin old people liked it...

I know this is old but we did a open gable patio facing west and the sun gets us for a few hrs because it’s vaulted and minimal trees. something to think about
House under construction now. front porch and screened in porch. We also have an open back deck but isn't vaulted. The oak is harvested from the trees we cleared to put up the house.
Having it soffited makes lighting easier, you vault it and now everything’s exposed. And you’ll attract swallows nests depending on where you live.
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