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Updating my motorcycle seat


May 20, 2020
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My friend does custom motorcycle seat upholstery.

06 DL650 VStrom

I wanted to reduce sliding forward, and make the seat more comfortable to sit on. As well as I would sit in passenger seat sometimes while riding on longer distance.

This is what she's done so far.

In a few days, I'll swing by and put the seat on to see if any adjustment will be needed before she proceed with custom upholstery.

She will be doing the complete visual design from her idea. I won't see any of the process until it's ready for the reveal and I'll check it out in person.


You gonna put a grippy seat cover on it? Or is that the final cover in the top pic? I put a shaved seat with a grip cover on my DRZ and it was night and day improvement
Top pic is the before. Second is the part of foam upgrade and 3rd is final foam work.

I test rode seat as is, much improvement

Yes, she suggested I add grip part of the upholstery. So that's going to be part of it.
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I hated the grip. I always find myself sliding forward and backwards adjusting myself.

Also, AlaskanButtpads. I use them on all my bikes. Adds 100 miles to my daily riding abilities.
Update, seat is done and here it goes.

I love the grip on the top, no more sliding in city.

Instant comfort on the usual initial pain. 8 hour riding trip coming up. :grinpimp:




Very comfortable. Grip is only on top, nice not to slide around in city but still easy to move around on long distance.
I need to frequent this section more often.

Looks great-dig the color coordination! The custom seat and upholstery stuff is cool playing around with the foam- was foam taken out initially then built back up in a different profile/shape?
She removed parts of the stock foam and added type of comfort foam and shaped it from there.

Its taller and more flatter, same thing for passenger seat.
Nice. Now top it off with an Alaskan Sheepskin. :grinpimp:
Before/After pictures


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That's sick!! looks awesome, the colors and suzuki S logo ties in.....
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