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Jun 3, 2020
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You know what I would pay good money for? Universal filters. No, not like fuel, or oil, or air, but digital - filters that would work on all of my devices: TV, laptop, phone, whatever. Filters I could set to block anything and everything I pick, and allow through what I want to watch, read about, see, or listen to. Not only allow through what I choose, but actively go out and search for content I otherwise might not be aware of and therefore miss out on.

Sure, I've got "favorites" set up in browsers, custom channels set up on the TV, radio stations set up on XM radio, searches set up and running on Dish Network to record shows and games and races, but I tell you what, I'm getting so fucking sick and tired of news articles about protests, streaming banners across the bottom of every damn ESPN channel about players not playing and more games being cancelled, I just don't want to know anymore. I can't even watch college football games from last year without being reminded of the fucking crap that's going on now.

I'd set filters to block anything: NBA, any NBA team name, any NBA player name, BLM, protest, AOC, celebrity, Pelosi, Biden, Trump, COVID" ....I'm sure there would be more. A LOT more.

Yeah, I would be less "informed" - and you know what? I'd be just fine with that. Everything I hear these days is just bad news, more bad news, and MORE bad news. Riots, protests, fires, storms, viruses, etc. I'm paying money to be bombarded with this crap? I just want to watch some racing, some football, maybe a show or two, listen to some music, read some articles that I'm INTERESTED in. That I CARE about. That I ENJOY.

It's not about being in a "bubble", or sticking my head in sand and pretending all that crap doesn't exist..it's about not being stressed out all the damn time.
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