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universal bluetooth nub thing to connect device?

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May 19, 2020
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trinity center ca
Looking for one of the little bt nub thing that make anything bt.

Want to connect my tv and phn for vids. Older tv that are not smart cast and signals can be hit n miss up here.

The ones on amazon THAT IM FINDING are pc and game system related, or at least are adverstized that way.

I don't think what you are wanting to do will work. Just plugging a $2.99 bluetooth dongle into a tv wont do it. You need a chromecast or similar to stream.
What is a phn?

Bluetooth can be used for audio. Video is too much. It's not gonna work I doubt there is even software for bt video transmission.
Ok then. I didnt under stand what i was looking for worked the way i wanted.

I rememeber seeing "make anything bt" universal connectors.

Thanks anyhow.
Chromecast is what you are looking for I think.

I used one for a few years, kinda a PITA but it worked.

I don't know if there is a newer better solution out there now.
No. No its not. I have cast on my main tv.

It is absolutely not what i want. And when i first saw it and asked about it it still requiers a wifi and router system.

All i wanted to was put my older tv in the garage and run youtube through my phn to it.
Thats Newbs way of saying Phene if French or phone if your from the USA
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