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United no longer hiring Navy Pilots

There was a 27 year old college student in 12B who was crying hysterically. I went over to help and noticed that his comfort gerbil was crushed under the weight of the obese man next to him when the plane touched down.
I can’t believe how many people bring their pets with them. Every flight I was on couple weeks ago several people brought their pets with them.

while going through one terminal this lady had a German Shepard with her. He was laying on the floor next to her and as I went by, I clicked at him to get his attention. He just watched me go by with his eyeballs not even moving his head :laughing: awesome dog. But I was wondering where they put an a I am that big? It’s own seat or what?

BTW, no pets smashed in any of our flights with one being a hard landing. :flipoff2:
bigun said:
Did you read when the article was written

Ever consider the o.p. is working with dial up and finally got the page to load?

your privilege is showing, you racist fascist
Former Marine Aviator Mike Highway just wants to make sure his aircraft is safe. “I’m not sure what these freakin’ snowflakes are whining about. How would you like to fly in a plane that’s probably been inspected by some 12-year old that just graduated from Embry Riddle, makes $9 an hour and lives with his mom? I’m not signing for that s**t without double checking it. I didn’t do it in the Fleet, and I ain’t doing that s**t now.”

The writer of that article is older now than when he portrayed himself as an old man in Back To The Future II.
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